We all know how John Kasich has this Florida fetish.  Well, now as Ohio’s Governor, Kasich might help Ohio beat Florida… in having the least popular Governor in the nation.

PPP, a Democratic polling outfit, just released it’s latest Ohio poll, and it disagrees with the finding of the latest Quinnipiac, which showed Kasich with a modest bounce in the polls, but still deeply underwater.  Whereas Quinny showed Kasich with a slight improvement among independents; PPP shows his standing with Republicans has deteriorated instead.

PPP instead finds Kasich’s approval rating getting worse.  According to PPP, Kasich’s approval/disapproval rating stands at 33% to 56%, down from 35%-54% in March.  This places Kasich in tie with Florida Governor Rick Scott as the least popular Governor in office in the nation right now.

In fact, PPP finds that in a rematch against former Governor Ted Strickland, Strickland’s hypothetical lead has GROWN from fifteen points in March to TWENTY-FIVE POINTS NOW.  Strickland would crush Kasich in a rematch presently getting the support of 59% to 34%… in other words, what Strickland did against Ken Blackwell in 2006.  According to PPP, independents have essentially flipped on Kasich since the election.

55% of Ohioans presently support repealing SB 5; only 35% plan to vote to let the law stand.  This is virtually the same split found in Quinnipiac, including the same roughly quarter of Republicans who support repealing SB 5.

45% of voters, however, would support a constitutional amendment enshrining collective bargaining rights, but only 32% would oppose such an amendment.

The poll also finds that in Ohio Democrats have a NINE-POINT lead on the generic Congressional ballot question (43%-34%.)  While like Quinnipiac, PPP shows that Kasich has a problem with female voters, it also shows (albeit by a lesser extent) that Kasich is underwater with male voters, too.

Large majority of Ohioans still support keeping gay marriage illegal by a 53%/31% margin, but among registered voters 18-29 years old, they are evenly split, which suggests at least the possibility that opposition to gay marriage could die out over time.

Incidentally, PPP found that LeBron James has a 23% to 49% favorability/unfavorability rating.  That means that John Kasich’s approval rating polls worse than LeBron James does in Ohio.

  • Anonymous

    I disagree that Ted’s campaign was weak, although there were certainly errors in timing and strategy made.

  • Guest

    Rick Scott is a crook; rotten Prince John worked for crooks. They are both evil and so is their party. 

  • Guest

    Rick Scott is a crook; rotten Prince John worked for crooks. They are both evil and so is their party. 

  • Guest

    Me too!

  • ThatDeborahGirl

    There was nothing wrong with Strickland’s campaign. That we’re stuck with Kasich is due to backlash against Obama  and low voter turnout.

    No one really thought we’d have a turnover, even Republicans, evidenced by how they’re just short of howling at how much havoc Kasich has wrought. They’re no happier than the Democrats for all they ran him and they’re suffering as a result of his shortsightedness as much as anyone else.

    Never forget that for the sake of taking pot shots at Obama, the Republicans ran a guy the didn’t really want, don’t even like and hate everything he’s doing. Well like Booker T. Washington said: “One man cannot hold another man down in the ditch without remaining down in the ditch with him.”

    The Republicans dug this ditch for us all and they’d do well to stop flinging mud and start helping to find a way out!

  • Anonymous

    I don”t believe there was a ‘backlash against Obama.” The small hardcore that hate him always hated him. The many who supported him in 2008 weren’t backlashing; they were just disengaged. There were reasons for that, some of which Strickland was responsible for, but not because he was a bad governor or a bad campaigner. He wasn’t.

  • Go_mom7

    OK… I’ll agree. I just hope we win some seats next election cycle!

  • Yikes

    Do any of these discoveries help? He’s robbing us blind! Why don’t the media outlets seem to care?

  • dlw

     I don’t think it was an Obama backlash either. I don’t think people voted for Kasich or against Strickland so much as they were feeling the hurt from the recession and so they voted against that. I know so many people who regret voting for Kasich… and they’ll tell you, too, that they really didn’t know much about him, but they were hurting from the recession, wanted it to stop, and assumed (w/o doing any actual research) that we needed a change in leadership/administration in order to get a change in the economy. If they knew then what they know now in terms of OH’s economic growth over the last 12+ months…..

  • Anonymous

    I just talked to someone like that yesterday, someone I know who’s not all that politically involved but who I thought was a little savvier. But I know many people just don’t have the time to find out what they really should know before voting. It’s too bad.

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