We all know how John Kasich has this Florida fetish.  Well, now as Ohio’s Governor, Kasich might help Ohio beat Florida… in having the least popular Governor in the nation.

PPP, a Democratic polling outfit, just released it’s latest Ohio poll, and it disagrees with the finding of the latest Quinnipiac, which showed Kasich with a modest bounce in the polls, but still deeply underwater.  Whereas Quinny showed Kasich with a slight improvement among independents; PPP shows his standing with Republicans has deteriorated instead.

PPP instead finds Kasich’s approval rating getting worse.  According to PPP, Kasich’s approval/disapproval rating stands at 33% to 56%, down from 35%-54% in March.  This places Kasich in tie with Florida Governor Rick Scott as the least popular Governor in office in the nation right now.

In fact, PPP finds that in a rematch against former Governor Ted Strickland, Strickland’s hypothetical lead has GROWN from fifteen points in March to TWENTY-FIVE POINTS NOW.  Strickland would crush Kasich in a rematch presently getting the support of 59% to 34%… in other words, what Strickland did against Ken Blackwell in 2006.  According to PPP, independents have essentially flipped on Kasich since the election.

55% of Ohioans presently support repealing SB 5; only 35% plan to vote to let the law stand.  This is virtually the same split found in Quinnipiac, including the same roughly quarter of Republicans who support repealing SB 5.

45% of voters, however, would support a constitutional amendment enshrining collective bargaining rights, but only 32% would oppose such an amendment.

The poll also finds that in Ohio Democrats have a NINE-POINT lead on the generic Congressional ballot question (43%-34%.)  While like Quinnipiac, PPP shows that Kasich has a problem with female voters, it also shows (albeit by a lesser extent) that Kasich is underwater with male voters, too.

Large majority of Ohioans still support keeping gay marriage illegal by a 53%/31% margin, but among registered voters 18-29 years old, they are evenly split, which suggests at least the possibility that opposition to gay marriage could die out over time.

Incidentally, PPP found that LeBron James has a 23% to 49% favorability/unfavorability rating.  That means that John Kasich’s approval rating polls worse than LeBron James does in Ohio.