Last week, the same day that John Kasich was screening his pro-charter school movie to supporters, Ohio Auditor Dave Yost was railing against a charter school (the very poorly-named Aspiring to Excellence and Achievement Academy) that his office cited for illegal hiring practices, overpaying administrative staff and failure to pay to taxes.

“These sloppy and incomplete records are a disservice to students, as well as Ohio’s taxpayers,” said Ohio Auditor Dave Yost in a news release about the audit. “Both public and community schools must be held accountable as we work to improve opportunities for students in Ohio. The results of this audit further prove why this school was unable to continue operating.”

The school finally ended up closing because its sponsor, Educational Resource Consultants, recognized the school was a disaster and did not renew their contract.

But under the budget bill recently released by House, this school wouldn’t even need a sponsor. And the bill would also remove current limits on charter schools allowing even more even more charter schools like this to open.

This isn’t the first charter school with which Yost’s office has found serious problems. And it certainly won’t be the last. Yost, like Mary Taylor before him, have seen first hand Ohio disastrous charter school oversight failures.

And yet – a few days after Yost attacked the financial failures the Aspiring to Excellence and Achievement Academy, an editorial by Yost appeared in the Cincinnati Enquirer that provides a complete change of tone and a full-throated support of John Kasich and the legislature’s plan to increase the number of charter schools while decreasing oversight.

If I had to make a guess, I’d say Kasich’s people called Yost and bitched him out for not being on the bus. This opinion piece seems to be his apology, and he didn’t really put much work into it.

Yost seems to have pulled his talking points straight from Kasich’s lips: charter schools “often do as well as or better than government-run schools” and charter schools provide competition for public schools which “produces a better product for less cost.”

As we’ve shown again and again, both of these statements are lies. In Ohio, Charter schools cost 250% more to operate than public schools and they perform much, MUCH worse – with only 21% of charters rating effective or better (vs. 72 percent for traditional school buildings).

It’s bad enough that Yost doesn’t have the balls to stand up to Kasich, and even worse that he is pushing Kasich’s lies as though they are facts, but it’s absolutely ridiculous that the Auditor of Ohio is expressing support for legislation that will ultimately result in less oversight of charter schools given that HE is personally responsible for auditing these schools and his audits so far have uncovered some pretty damning evidence against expanding charters schools and for increasing oversight.

  • M.B.A.

    Ohio Auditor Dave Yost is a certified GOP moron/liar from way back.  Yost is notorious for incompetent legal work, lying about his work and his record, drug use and fixing legal issues for GOP friends and family when he was Delaware County’s prosecutor.

    He doesn’t know squat about “trench warfare” since the opposing sides fight from opposing trenches, not the same trench.  It’s hand-to-hand combat when the bad guys are in your trench. Yost has the same ignorance about commercial aviation and  airline deregulation.  The advent of jumbo jets – DC-10, 747, etc.  lowered airfare.  Education is a hardly similar to either.   Bad aviators and equipment generally result in death for passengers and crew.  

    Maybe the de-unionizing of air traffic controllers and overloading them by changing their work rules was not such a good thing since they routinely fall asleep on the job and are returning to pre-Reagan staffing levels to counteract fatigue on the job.

    I guess Dave doesn’t know that teachers seldom actually kill their students.

    Yost’s last, best effort as an attorney was to issue an opinion that a commercial lease by a landlord to Delaware County was “void and unenforceable as a matter of law”.  When the county breached the lease the landlord sued and Yost arranged for his largest contributor to get the defense contract.  They settled the case and paid the landlord almost double the amount of money that the landlord asked for in his complaint against Delaware County.

    Like his political BFF Delaware County Clerk of Courts Jan Antonoplos, Yost failed to pay his taxes.  (It’s a Delaware Republican thing)  While he was Delaware’s Auditor, Yost didn’t pay his state income tax.  Ohio got a judgment against him.

    Yost’s only loyalty is to himself in seeking higher office.  He wants DeWine or Kasich’s job so he will suck up to the charter school  contributors like Brennan to get the cash.  Count on Yost to fully cooperate in any GOP pay-to-play scheme.

  • Annekarima

    Joseph, I hope you are paying attention.  There are articles popping up in several places showing how so called charter schools are falling in on themselves.  If the Kasich kool kids are on this bus.  They are late and are in for a big bus failure.

  • Anon

    Auditor like anything else the evil R’s do = 100% of do nothing unless you are robbing the poor to support the rich.

    He’s evil like the remainder of the elected and wanna be elected radical R’s.

  • Anonymous

    THANK YOU! It boggled my mind that anyone would use airline deregulation as an example of what we should do to our education system. Clearly the guy hasn’t been on an airplane in the past 20 years if he thinks that’s a model for anything.

  • Natasha

    Because Yost is only a political moron, an “empty suit”

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