(Sorry, I was in court this morning, and had to tend to some legal matters.)

The “We Are Ohio” campaign held a press conference today to give the media an update on how the petition circulation is going:

“We are pleased to report 214,399 signatures have been collected in the first month,” said Melissa Fazekas, spokeswoman for We Are Ohio. “The unprecedented level of support from communities all across the state is staggering. While we continue to struggle to keep up with demand for petitions, we know this campaign is a marathon, not a sprint. We believe these early numbers will only serve to motivate our supporters to collect more signatures to ensure we reach the threshold of 231,149 valid signatures.”

Although “We Are Ohio” is doing their internal verification of their signatures, we don’t know how many of those they’ve internally as valid.  However, given the training the provide and the method they have gone about to get the signatures, I would suspect their error rate is actually quite low, lower than most massive petition efforts.

In a span of a month, “We Are Ohio” got nearly 93% of the signatures they needed.  They have nearly six weeks to get the remaining 16,750.  Or roughly 409 signatures a day.  They’ll, of course, need slightly more for that since some signatures will inevitably be found to be invalid.  Regardless, it’s hard to see how SB 5 wouldn’t be on the ballot this November.

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