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The “We Are Ohio” campaign held a press conference today to give the media an update on how the petition circulation is going:

“We are pleased to report 214,399 signatures have been collected in the first month,” said Melissa Fazekas, spokeswoman for We Are Ohio. “The unprecedented level of support from communities all across the state is staggering. While we continue to struggle to keep up with demand for petitions, we know this campaign is a marathon, not a sprint. We believe these early numbers will only serve to motivate our supporters to collect more signatures to ensure we reach the threshold of 231,149 valid signatures.”

Although “We Are Ohio” is doing their internal verification of their signatures, we don’t know how many of those they’ve internally as valid.  However, given the training the provide and the method they have gone about to get the signatures, I would suspect their error rate is actually quite low, lower than most massive petition efforts.

In a span of a month, “We Are Ohio” got nearly 93% of the signatures they needed.  They have nearly six weeks to get the remaining 16,750.  Or roughly 409 signatures a day.  They’ll, of course, need slightly more for that since some signatures will inevitably be found to be invalid.  Regardless, it’s hard to see how SB 5 wouldn’t be on the ballot this November.

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  • Anon

    Wow, awesome, thanks for the infomation! 

  • missskeptic

    I just want to say that the Columbus Dispatch is REALLY downplaying this story – the headline read that the campaign is “inching” ahead – as if we had barely made a dent in the number of sigs we need!!!  I would say this is a signal that JK and the Dispatch bootlickers are NOT happy with this outcome – which makes me happy!

  • Fotogirlcb2002

    Places to go around Columbus tomorrow  to sign petitions for those extra signatures:

    Meijer Drive between the Target and Meijer (8000 East Broad St), Saturday May
    21, 11AM – 2PM.
    Hilltop Branch
    Library, 511 S Hague Ave, Columbus, Saturday May 21, 11AM-2PM.
    Dublin Branch
    Library, 75 N High Street, Dublin, Saturday May 21, 11AM – 2PM.
    Westerville Public
    Library, 126 S State Street, Westerville, Saturday May 21, 11AM –
    Farmers Market, Dunedin and N High, Columbus. Saturday May 21, 9AM –
    Whetstone Branch
    Library, 3909 N. High Street, Columbus. Saturday May 21, 11AM – 2PM.
    Hilliard Branch
    Library, 4772 Cemetery Road, Hilliard. Saturday May 21, 11AM – 2PM.
    Grove City Library,
    3359 Park Street, Grove City, Saturday, May 21, 11AM – 2PM.
    Southeast Branch
    Library, 3980 S Hamilton Road, Groveport, Saturday May 21, 11AM –
    Gahanna Branch
    Library, 310 Granville Street, Gahanna. Saturday May 21, 11AM – 2PM.
    Martin Luther King
    Branch Library, 1600 E Long Street, Columbus, Saturday May 21, 11AM –
    Karl Road Library,
    5590 Karl Road, Columbus, Saturday May 21, 11AM – 2PM.
    Worthington Farmers
    Market, Downtown Worthington, Saturday May 21, 9AM – 12Noon

    on or near OSU Campus? Petitions are available at The Ohio State University Oval
    Monday, May 23 until Friday, May 27 from 2:30-7PM.

    And, as always,
    petitions are available at Ohio Democratic Party Headquarters, 340 E Fulton
    Street in Columbus, Monday through Friday from 9AM – 6PM.

  • Anonymous

    What a surprise. NOT. The Columbus Disgrace and the Cleveland Plainly Republican must trade headline-writing tips.

  • No

    How can Vaughn Flasher, the new campaign manager for  SB5 (who was hired by republican legislators) still lobby those legislators?

    Here are all Flasher’s clients:


    maybe we should boycott those clients!

  • missskeptic

    In Delaware Co., petitions can be signed Mon-Fri, from 1 – 3pm at Democratic HQ in downtown Delaware.  Also on Sat. mornings during the Farmers Market, 9:30 – 12:30 pm.  We’ll be in Sunbury on Memorial Day all day.   Any questions can be answered at 740-363-7500.  We’ll come to you if necessary.

  • Anonymous

    Actually, a 40 percent fail rate is fairly typical, although I’m guessing they are just erring on the conservative side and it’s nothing like that. There has been only one major election since 2008, hardly anything to extrapolate trends from. In special elections, progressives have been extremely successful. And I could say of right-wingers that they can always (and will) run to the legislature AND the courts (which have been packed by Bush with right-wing judges an Republicans in Congress are stonewalling Obama’s appointments because they seem to think only Republican presidents should be allowed their choices) to create blockades that make it more difficult for valid voters to vote. It’s funny that righties like you pretend to be so confident, yet are well aware they can’t win on their positions and beliefs, so they have to fix elections by preventing people from voting.

  • Fotogirlcb2002

    Way to go anastasjoy!! very correct
    and they are now using scare tactics to try and prevent gov. workers from signing the petitions .  What are they so afraid of — both parties loose elections every year( although sb5 isnt a party issue to me )

    by the way   Maggi  ,,   isnt Husted trying a scare and restricting tactic now — seems he zeroed in on the older voters  and shut ins– to me at least it looked that way. If you think you cant win change the rules !! or the committee members or whatever it takes to win. OR lets get a petition up for healthcare ( Obama ) to get out “our” folks so while they are there they can take a wack at sb5.

    I wish HB203 was farther along — what a great time that would be vote down sb5 and vote in the recall ….

  •  And the Republicans have won how many “major elections” since 2008″? One, and that was no landslide by any stretch. Don’t underestimate the anger Kasich has stirred up and what motivated voters can do. We are motivated.

  • Hatin’ the state of the State

    Sadly, it’s going to be a tough go passing this with the “Obamacare”  constitutional amendment on the same ballot… somehow, it’s collected 600,000+ signatures while hiding under the radar.

  • Rogergoldkin

    Here’s the really cool thing, that “Obamacare” thingie can’t supersede  Federal law.  Even if passed by the righties, it wouldn’t hold up.  Bring this contest on!

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