On Monday we reported that Kasich was escorted to the front of the line at the BMV – and today someone just posted video.

Not only does it show Kasich with his posse (told you so!) but it also shows Kasich asking a young man: “Is this your mother?” It turns out it was (obviously!) his girlfriend.

Two more voters that will never vote for Kasich again. Keep it up, Governor.

  • Anonymous

    What a d**k.  

  • Klassic Kasick: “Is this your Mom?”  Reminds me of the time I asked my frat brother’s Dad if he was the Grandpa; but then again I wasn’t Governor.  

  •  Bahahahah. 

  • Daria

     did he kick a crippled person and tell somebody their baby is ugly, too while cutting to the front of the line?

  • dlw

    Seriously though, we make a big deal about him going and cutting in line (which I don’t think he should have done)… but… what about previous governors? Is that what governors do when they go to get their license renewed? Did Strickland really wait in line somewhere?

    Is this your mother… what a jerk. Then to try to laugh it off. Just let it go buddy. Just let it go. You’re digging deeper.

  • Tool!

  • vel

    He’s channeling George W. Bush with this cringe-inducing gaffe.  What a buffoon.   

  • FredDavis

    Amplifying her humiliation by posting it on your website?  Wow, you’re a bigger asshole than Kasich, who just made an honest mistake based on her physical appearance.

  • Ritarobinett

    If you don’t know keep your damn mouth shut Kasich. 

  • Unabomber39

    At least he didn’t ask her when was she due!

  • Also worth asking: why is Tom Charles carrying a gun?

    He’s a member of John Kasich’s cabinet, not part of his security detail.

  • Victoria

    I kinda feel sorry for him on that one.  That guy looks like he’s 13.  

  • Kasich asks “Who are these people”?

    They are the people you are cutting in front of. Just working class stiffs. Try coming to the Cleveland E.55 BMV and doing that.

    I love how he just wants to get his photo taken. Trying to be a good ‘ole boy like Dubya was.

  • missskeptic

    Just found this tidbit:

    He couldn’t resist
    During his bill signings, Gov. John Kasich almost always engages in some back and forth with people in attendance – a word of warning if you’re scheduled to attend one.Today, during his signing of House Bill 93 (the pill mill bill), Kasich struck up a conversation with the son of state Rep. David Burke, R-Marysville, a first grader named Adam.
    Burke, an initial co-sponsor, pulled his two children out of school to attend the signing, held at the Ohio Department of Public Safety office on Alum Creek Drive.
    Kasich asked Adam what his teacher said in response to his missing school to be with the governor. When the child looked around the room for an answer, Kasich quipped: “Probably said, ‘How’s Senate Bill 5 going?’ ”
    Senate Bill 5, of course, is the law Kasich signed that weakens collective bargaining for all public employees, including teachers. The Ohio Education Association strongly opposes Senate Bill 5 and is raising millions to help fund the referendum of the bill.
    The room broke up with laughter following Kasich’s comment.
    “And they say I don’t have a sense of humor,” Kasich said. He’s trying to make a joke to a 6-year old boy who doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about.  Love the last sentence – yes, Kasich does have a sense of humor; unfortunately, it’s an incrediby BAD one!

  • Fotogirlcb2002

    Its never in good taste to question a child in such surroundings , in my opinion. Why would you take your child out of school to witness the signing of this bill anyway. Instead maybe the comment — isnt a extra off from school fun — in fact maybe his school is out already. What small child knows about sb5?
    this man is such a doofus! I would not want him near my kids and his jokes are always in bad taste. They laugh because they are afraid not to.

  • Fotogirlcb2002

    hahahahahahaaaa   now thats a REAL photo op,, isnt it!
    of course that fixes it all– cutting the line ,,being rude.
    ever wonder what  he would do if someone said no thx …no photo.

  • Fotogirlcb2002

    Sorry –another post —
    Just what is his problem ? now he doesnt like the color of the license or the hologram?
    Does he  have any idea why thats done  ? I guess not — safety reasons etc !
    How much money will this cost?
    Just proves once again — hes a “spender” not a saver. ( he will add it on to cost of the license anyway for us to pay )
    Do ya’ll think he has some one in the printing business he owes a favor to ?
    Lets put this lil job out for bid and see who gets it. Darn– I forget he doesnt do bids its to public.
    Really I could care less what color they are –no color will make him look better anyway.

  • Steph

    The guy’s a jerk. Does this really surprise anyone? 

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