The Plain Dealer reported yesterday that John Kasich is planning to show the pro-charter school/anti-teacher union movie “Waiting for Superman” around the state. According to the paper the screening “is by invitation only, is co-sponsored by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the Ohio Chamber of Commerce and the Greater Cleveland Partnership.”

Well guess who got an invitation?


But I didn’t get it from the Governor’s Office or the Chamber, nope. I got it from the far-right, anti-union, Koch Brothers-funded group Americans for Prosperity – a group that has been working in Ohio trying to push through Kasich’s anti-union agenda.

Kasich using his far-right cronies to push his agenda is not surprising – but I am kind of amazed that he is using Governor’s office AND Department of Development staff to help them out.

Can someone please explain how tasking these Development employees – who are supposed to be focused on business development in Ohio – to help host a movie night for Kasich’s pro-charter school, anti-union pals is NOT a complete waste of taxpayer dollars?