From the daily archives: Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Like the rest of the state, country and world, Toledo faced a budget crisis last year. To help save money, Mayor Mike Bell and the city council worked with the unions representing city workers to temporarily override existing, collectively-bargained union contracts.

One group, the Toledo Police command officers, was forced to accept SB5-like changes to their health and pension benefits. The union fought against the changes and took their case to the State Employment Relations Board, which ruled in favor of the city.

Under the “exigent circumstances” imposed by the city, command officers were required “to pay their 10 percent […]

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John Kasich’s gotten a slight bump in the poll, but that’s largely because independents in heavily Republican areas have moved off the fence about him. Meet the new “enthusiasm gap,” where Democrats oppose Kasich stronger than Republicans support him.

Yes, buyer’s remorse is real in Ohio, and it’s Republican. That’s why SB 5 seems virtually destined to be repealed this November (so long as it gets on the ballot.)

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The Plain Dealer reported yesterday that John Kasich is planning to show the pro-charter school/anti-teacher union movie “Waiting for Superman” around the state. According to the paper the screening “is by invitation only, is co-sponsored by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the Ohio Chamber of Commerce and the Greater Cleveland Partnership.”

Well guess who got an invitation?


But I didn’t get it from the Governor’s Office or the Chamber, nope. I got it from the far-right, anti-union, Koch Brothers-funded group Americans for Prosperity – a group that has been working in Ohio trying to push through Kasich’s […]

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