An investivation by Ron Regan of WEWS revealed last night that the operator of 16 Horizon Science Science Academies in Ohio has been sending hundreds of thousands of dollars in rent, immigration and legal fees to Turkey.

Auditors found immigration fees and legal fees for school officials’ families and others living in Turkey. In some cases, auditors found payments were made to individuals who were never employed by any of the schools.

Auditors found 19 Turkish immigrants were paid nearly $13,000 for what they called “illegal immigration fees.”

A Horizon Science Academy school in Dayton signed a lease agreement that sends $600,000 over five years to the property’s owner living in Turkey.

According to the schools’ operator, the immigration and legal fees are necessary because they can’t find “high quality teachers” here in Ohio.

According to a Dayton Daily news piece from March, the schools aren’t only importing Turkish teachers, they are actually paying them much more than local teachers.

Of 19 teachers listed for Horizon-Dayton, six of the seven earning more than $35,000 in 2010 are Turkish. Turks made $38,200-$50,000, while the others, with one exception, made $26,000-$32,000

I think Sue Taylor of the Ohio Federation of Teachers sums it up nicely:

“When we know that Ohioans need jobs, why would my taxpayer dollars be paying foreign nationals. And why would Ohio tax dollars be spend to companies located in foreign lands.”

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