From the daily archives: Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hey, if you thought there was nothing left to John Kasich’s corporate welfare giveaways to get you outraged over, guess again:

After securing nearly $100 million in State taxpayer assistance over the next 15 years, American Greetings has decided to give its CEO a nearly 20% raise. We’ve called the company to ask what kind of raise the non-executive employees can expect to receive.

So, congratulations, your taxes aren’t only subsidizing a company that was very profitable on its own in the first place, but you can now say your tax dollars are stimulating the economy thanks to Governor Kasich’s corporate CEO raise subsidies, too!

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An investivation by Ron Regan of WEWS revealed last night that the operator of 16 Horizon Science Science Academies in Ohio has been sending hundreds of thousands of dollars in rent, immigration and legal fees to Turkey.

Auditors found immigration fees and legal fees for school officials’ families and others living in Turkey. In some cases, auditors found payments were made to individuals who were never employed by any of the schools.

Auditors found 19 Turkish immigrants were paid nearly $13,000 for what they called “illegal immigration fees.”

A Horizon Science Academy school in Dayton signed a lease […]

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