Yesterday, Ohio GOP Chairman Kevin DeWine sent out an email that is pretty standard fare for a State Party Chairman, promoting the upcoming State dinner, talking about how the Party is trying to put “ObamaCare” on the ballot.

And then there’s this:

imageYou know, it’s probably not a great idea to have a white Chairman of a party known for, well, not exactly being a diverse group of people refer to the head of the Black Republicans as “Servant,”  even if it is the person’s chosen e-mail handle.

Instead, what should go on is that Chairman calls this person up and demands another e-mail address (or the Party sets one up for that person) that doesn’t require the State GOP Chair call the head of the Black Republicans as “Servant.”  I’m just sayin’.

Incidentally, if you’re wondering just who the Black Republicans in Ohio are outside of Ken Blackwell, the Ohio Black Republican Association has a list of current officeholders… all seventeen of them (and most of those are local judges.) 

There are, obviously, no Ohio Republican African-Americans in Congress, none in Statewide offices, not one in the General Assembly (although twenty years ago, that wasn’t the case), no Republican African-American County Commissioners, or Mayors.  Heck, only five out of the seventeen listed are in non-judicial local races with one more serving at the State Board of Education out of Cuyahoga County.

Also, according to its website, the organizations the “2010 Ohio Black Republicans Summit” was sponsored by the Ohio GOP and…. White Hat Management.  White Hat Management, which has cashed in millions trying to convince African-Americans that their substandard charter schools were a better alternative to public education.

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