Friday was John Kasich’s birthday.

And I guess someone in the Governor’s office, realizing it would look really bad if some “idiot” cop pulled Kasich over for driving with an expired license, thought to ask John if his driver’s license was up-to-date.

It turns out it wasn’t.

Friends of Plunderbund have informed us that Kasich then showed up at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles office on Broad Street in downtown Columbus on Friday afternoon accompanied by Public Safety Director Tom Charles.

The BMV is a subdivision of the Department of Public Safety and it appears as though Charles used his pull as Director to get the Governor escorted passed all the patiently-waiting riff-raff and straight to the front of the line.

We dedicated a number of posts during the campaign to documenting the many stories about Kasich’s selfish, “Don’t you know who I am?” behavior. And it seems like Kasich has (kind of) learned his lesson.

Now, instead of personally berating and belittling hard-working employees in front of other customers, John Kasich brings along someone else to do it for him – someone who people actually do know.

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