From the daily archives: Saturday, May 14, 2011

The merit pay provisions contained in Senate Bill 5 and House Bill 153 (Kasich’s Budget) have been contentiously debated by both sides for their, well, merit.  While supporters might claim that it brings these public sector jobs in line with the private sector, opponents will fiercely debate the lack of evidence that these methods have proven to work.  When merit pay existed in the union-busting Senate Bill 5 legislation, it was easy to draw the conclusion that it was a power play by the Republicans, but now that merit and performance pay language has been lumped into the budget, one […]

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Earlier this week a Warren County Sheriff’s deputy was killed in the line of duty. The officer, Sergeant Brian Dulle, was hit by the driver of a stolen car while putting down stop sticks.

Two weeks ago three Columbus police officers were shot while while pursuing a murder suspect. Two of those officers were also Sergeants.

These are not isolated incidents. Police sergeants across the state are out in the field, answering calls and facing the same dangers as other officers.

But under Senate Bill 5, officers like these three men – and all police officers with the […]

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