Sorry for the title, but I just can’t even hold it back anymore.

Anyone else see this post on the Dispatch’s Daily Briefing blog this afternoon is going to have the same reaction.  This was a one-year consultancy agreement:

Gaming expert to make $15 million from state

Moelis, which along with Spectrum Gaming was hired to advise Kasich on casinos and other gambling-related issues in Ohio, will be paid a monthly retainer fee of $200,000 over the year-long contract. Additionally, the Los Angeles-based company can earn up to $13 million in incentives fees.

According to the contract, which was provided to The Dispatch by the Ohio Department of Administrative Services, Moelis is owed 3.25 percent of the state’s added estimated revenue from gaming – capped at $13 million.

The Dispatch indicates that the other gambling consultant Kasich hired doesn’t have a similar deal.


$200,000 a month.  Plus, up to $13,000,0000 in incentives that are based on nothing more than if Ohio can engineer a gambling environment that maximizes its revenues above all else.

I bet it was really hard to get them to agree to cap it at $13 million, what with their stunned laughter at the negotiating table and all.

Remember this, we can’t afford a modest step increase for teachers based on their length of service, but we can give an out-of-state business MILLIONS of our revenue in a singe contract.

This is a joke, right?  This is like some weird, belated April Fools Day joke.  We cannot possibly be paying one of two consultants $200k a month a potential payout up to $13 million for only a year’s worth of consulting, right?

We got to curtail collective bargaining in this State so John Kasich can afford to give Bob Evans a tax break to move from Columbus to New Albany and so he can hire consultants to tell him and his Casino Commission what to do.


Hey, here’s some free advice for the Governor on how he could get the casinos to raise more revenues for the State:

Get them actually built.

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