The Columbus Dispatch reports today that the Ohio Fraternal Order of Police has revoked its endorsement of Jones in 2010 elections over her introduction of SB 5.

Senator Shannon JonesJones, who was notified on Tuesday about the retraction, said she thinks the law maintains the rights of police and firefighters to bargain. "And I believe that they are different – and therefore should be given an expressed right to negotiate things like safety equipment," which is in the law, she said.

And she’s right. 

The bill, as passed, did continue to give police and firefighters an expressed right to, at least, try to bargain for things like safety equipment.  Of course, Jones leaves out the part where SB 5 as it was originally introduced by Jones herself would have revoked that right, but whatever, right?

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  • Guest

    She’s a liar; she’s evil, and she is a good little obedient dog like the elected radical TGOP are. She says “yes boss” to her real bosses the evil rich and the “senior management of the TGOP (teabag gang of pirates). The people who voted for her and aren’t rich aren’t her real constituents.

  • Anonymous

    Only the Gang Of Pirates would come up with a way to make basic safety equipment a “bargaining chip”. Next they will want to issue guns to drunks – oh, wait, they already have!

  • Anonymous

    You’re right. I neglected to mention that the bill takes away entirely collective bargaining rights for some police officers and firefighters.

  • Fotogirlcb2002

    I saw this in the Dayton Daily –actually made my day– lol
    Wonder if she sees that infamous “pink slip” coming her way.
    They have to bargin for things to stay safe and alive — yet she never tells she only works 3 days a week and gets paid to drive to work and home again. 

  • Fotogirlcb2002

    Heres something for her to do this weekend in Frankiln County– she can a petition  🙂
    Some locations for those of you who live up that way::::
    Clintonville Farmers Market, Dunedin and N High, Columbus. Saturday May 14, 9AM – Noon.
    Whetstone Branch Library, 3909 N. High Street, Columbus. Saturday May 14, 11AM – 2PM.
    Hilliard Branch Library, 4772 Cemetery Road, Hilliard. Saturday May 14, 11AM – 2PM.
    South High Branch Library, 3540 S High, Columbus, Saturday May 14, 11AM – 2PM.
    Southeast Branch Library, 3980 S Hamilton Road, Groveport, Saturday May 14, 11AM – 2PM.
    Gahanna Branch Library, 310 Granville Street, Gahanna. Saturday May 14, 11AM – 2PM.
    Martin Luther King Branch Library, 1600 E Long Street, Columbus, Saturday May 14, 11AM – 2PM.
    Karl Road Library, 5590 Karl Road, Columbus, Saturday May 14, 11AM – 2PM. 

  • Sdeanbyrd

    My! my! my!,  You Repubs voted this trash (Jones & Kasich) into office and can’t believe what you did ? Suck it up and maybe think two or three times when you next step into that voting booth about who you are putting in office and who is behind them pulling the strings. Next time vote the person and not the straight party line. 

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