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Holy craps!

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Sorry for the title, but I just can’t even hold it back anymore.

Anyone else see this post on the Dispatch’s Daily Briefing blog this afternoon is going to have the same reaction.  This was a one-year consultancy agreement:

Gaming expert to make $15 million from state

Moelis, which along with Spectrum Gaming was hired to advise Kasich on casinos and other gambling-related issues in Ohio, will be paid a monthly retainer fee of $200,000 over the year-long contract. Additionally, the Los Angeles-based company can earn up to $13 million in incentives fees.

According to the contract, which […]

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InnovationOhio has released a new report that examines the nexus between e-schools’ academic performance (or lack thereof) and yet their political popularity with Republicans that might, just might be, influenced by the rather large campaign donations made by e-school businesses, like… White Hat Management executive David Brennan.

Among the findings of the report:

Of Ohio’s 7 state-wide E-schools (which account for 90% of all E-school enrollment), six are not even rated “effective” by the Ohio Department of Education. 5 of the 7 have graduation rates worse than Cleveland Municipal Schools, which has the lowest graduation rate of all traditional […]

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Prepared to go inside the mind of a Republican when the world of taxes meets the world of privatization in which you need to be a quantum political physicist to comprehend what is occurring.

Today, the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s “PolitiFact” examined Rep. Matt Lundy’s (D-Elyria) claim that the budget the House passed included tax breaks to “sweeten” the deal for the private companies the State is trying to sell six correctional facilities.  They found the claim to be True, because, it is.

But first, we need to apparently correct something on the issue.  Last week, the Dayton Daily […]

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As we pointed out yesterday, the new pro-Kasich, non-profit group One Ohio United was actually organized by Kasich campaign staff- specifically his 26 year old campaign blogger Kevin Bingle – the month after he was elected Governor.

The receipt for the articles of incorporation document that was filed with the Secretary of State’s office was mailed to the same address listed for Kevin Bingle on Kasich’s payroll records – which we assume to be Kevin’s home address.

Based on the most recent campaign finance data available, Kevin was still being paid by the campaign […]

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The Columbus Dispatch reports today that the Ohio Fraternal Order of Police has revoked its endorsement of Jones in 2010 elections over her introduction of SB 5.

Jones, who was notified on Tuesday about the retraction, said she thinks the law maintains the rights of police and firefighters to bargain. "And I believe that they are different – and therefore should be given an expressed right to negotiate things like safety equipment," which is in the law, she said.

And she’s right. 

The bill, as passed, did continue to give police and firefighters an expressed right […]

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