From the daily archives: Wednesday, May 11, 2011

After delaying a vote on the bill saying he wasn’t sure he had the votes for passage, House Speaker Bill Batchelder brought HB 45 to the floor.  The bill would permit a licensed carry-concealed weapon permit holder (CCW) to carry a firearm legally into any establishment where alcohol is served (so long as the permit holder does not consume any alcohol on the premises or is otherwise intoxicated) or in open arenas.  

The bill passed by a 56-40 vote with only Republicans Mike Duffey, Todd McKenney, and Kurt Schuring breaking party ranks by voting against the bill.   The […]

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The Cincinnati Enquirer has the story:

The announcement idles thousands of construction jobs as Rock balks at taxes millions higher than initially envisioned. Specifically, the House’s budget seeks to apply the 0.26 percent CAT tax to total betting at Ohio’s four planned casinos rather than just net losses by gamblers, the industry’s standard definition of revenue. If Ohio enacted the proposal it would mean a CAT tax bill for all four casinos possibly 10 times higher than the $5.2 million developers envisioned.

Rock Gaming officials have become increasingly vocal in the last two months about Ohio officials’ considerations on […]

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The media, due to nothing else but bare repetition by Kasich, continues to report that the Kasich budget “solves” an $8 billion deficit.  Except, the media has never bothered exploring exactly how one reaches that number… and just how implausible of a basis that is.

Back on March 24th, the Director of the Office of Budget and Management Tim Keen held a press gaggle/conference in which he tried to explain how the State was solving a supposed $8 billion deficit while increasing General Revenue Fund spending by over $5 billion.

Here’s the baseline that Keen said they came up with […]

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After allowing every House Republican to go on record supporting an education policy that House Democratic ads next fall will say would have turned Ohio’s education system into “a national laughingstock,” Governor Kasich’s lead education policy czar announces that the Administration does not support the changes and wishes to see them removed from the budget.   The Columbus Dispatch reporting this morning that the Senate seems poised to follow the Governor’s request. 

The Dispatch also reporting this morning that Governor Kasich has set conditions in which he push next year for tax cuts… the Senate must “hold the […]

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