John Kasich opposed the federal bailout of GM, saying on the O’Reilly Factor on Fox News at the time:

“Americans will say we don’t mind helping them if they’re going to be viable. If they’re not going to be viable, we shouldn’t throw go money after bad. And so I think the public’s even going to put pressure on them.”

Except that the auto bailouts totally worked.  They saved the domestic auto industry in the Midwest and the tens of thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of jobs that go along with it.  For the first time since 2006, GM has reported a quarterly profit ($2 billion, to be exact.)

John Kasich has a documented history of being, well, horrible at making economic forecasts.  In addition to his habit of suggesting the wrong States are doing economically well, Kasich famously said that if the 1993 Clinton budget didn’t send the economy into a deep recession and expand the federal deficit, he’d become a Democrat.  To the delight of Democrats everywhere, Kasich welched on his bet.

But today, John Kasich headed to Toledo to join “Government Motors” in the announcement of 400 new jobs as it is expanding its production capacity to meet higher demand.

How much you want to bet John Kasich admitted he was wrong about the GM bailout and Barack Obama was right?  Or that the media will call him out on his hypocritical posturing today to get in the spotlight on something that actually involves job creation in Ohio?

Meanwhile, ODP took today’s news as an opportunity to attack… Ken Blackwell?!? (Apparently, they think he’s more of a serious threat to win the GOP nomination over Josh Mandel than I imagined):

But if Ken Blackwell had his way, these jobs wouldn’t exist –and Toledo’s Powertrain plant (as well as many other plants across Ohio) –would be firing, not hiring workers. Ken Blackwell not only opposed help for the auto-industry, he actually went as far as describing the crucial assistance that helped save Ohio’s auto-industry as “illegal.”

That’s right, in Ken Blackwell’s Ohio, 400 new jobs in Toledo are illegal.

“Apparently Ken Blackwell believes that the actions that created 400 new Ohio jobs — helping auto-makers hire sooner than expected and strengthening Ohio’s economy – represent criminal activity,” said Justin Barasky, press secretary for the Ohio Democratic Party.  “These jobs help hundreds of Ohio families put food on the table, pay their bills, and get the peace of mind that they’ve been waiting for. It’s a good thing we have a Senator like Sherrod Brown who made the tough decision to support investing in the auto industry job creation, rather than criminalizing it.”

Being a Republican means never having to say you were wrong.