During his downtime between political jobs John Kasich’s friends provided him with a lot of ways of making money. One of those friends was Malachi (Mal) Mixon, the CEO and Chairman of Invacare – who gave John Kasich a high-paying job on his company’s board of directors (where John helped send Ohio jobs to Mexico and China)

When Kasich decided to run for Governor, Mixon and his family became one of John’s biggest donors, collectively giving him nearly $70,000.

So it wouldn’t seem like a big deal when the Kasich campaign got Mixon to be the registrant on a 501(c)(4) called One Ohio United that would be used to support Kasich’s policies. Documents filed with the Secretary of State show that Mixon was the registrant but the receipt was actually sent to Kasich campaign staffer Kevin Bingle.

The groups website is now online at OneOhioUnited.com and they are pushing Kasich’s so-called “jobs” budget, which isn’t too surprising.

The surprising part is who is now listed as supporting the group.

Mixon’s name is no where on the the site. Instead, as Brian pointed out this morning, you’ll find the following names:

Jim Hagadorn, ScottsMiracle-Gro CEO
Michael G. Morris, Chairman and CEO of American Electric Power (AEP)

Both of these men were big supporters of Ted Strickland. And this certainly is no coincidence.

We’ve heard so many stories about Kasich threatening lobbyists and trade organizations and even people from his own party that it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if he has now turned to threatening business owners and executives who went against him during the last campaign. And what a completely evil and ballsy way of doing it:

John Kasich’s campaign staff sets up a tax-free non-profit to support Kasich’s policies and then uses it as a tool to allow their detractors to make a very public mea culpa (as Brian suggested) as well as financial contributions to support Kasich’s policies.

Kasich promised to run over anyone who got in the way of his bus, but it looks like he’s now offering a lucky few an alternative. Strickland supporters with enough money to pay the huge fare are now being allowed on board but not without taking the long and very public walk of shame first.

  • Annekarima

    Did he ask that guy from HealthSouth to board?

  • Xx

    fuck you Mike Morris you two face asshole.

  • Youhog

    plunderbund, can’t believe you missed this

    one of the contributors on the website is a member of the casino commission

  • Ohio; the new Wisonsin!

  • Guest

    Getting tired of repeating myself:
    “He’s evil and a liar, more of the same….nothing to see here move along. ”

  • Anonymous

    You get what you pay for. Hey, man, cut us some slack. We do this all for free in our spare time. We can’t catch it all, all the time.

  • dlw

    Eh, maybe you guys will lose your jobs with this “jobs budget”… then you’ll have enough spare time to catch everything!

    [A note for those with no sense of humor: I am kidding and am NOT hoping for anyone anywhere to lose his/her job… well, ‘cept for some of our current elected officials….]

  • ┬áIndeed!

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