From the daily archives: Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I’m starting to get to used to the fact that we are going to have a terrible, vindictive and nasty Governor running our state into the ground for the next few years. Kasich is turning out to be a selfish, egotistical, SOB of a leader who will plow through everyone and everything to achieve his own idealogical agenda despite the fact that it’s going to be bad for the state, bad for our citizens, bad for our children, often immoral and, in many cases, probably illegal.

I’m starting to get used to Kasich and his lying and threats – but […]

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Just because he called the bailout of GM “throwing good money after bad,” apparently, didn’t stop Governor Kasich from going up to Toledo to participate in GM’s announcement that it was adding 400 jobs there. I wonder if they served him crow for lunch?

Meanwhile, ODP takes the opportunity to attack… Ken Blackwell over his opposition to the GM bailout that the non-lawyer called potentially “illegal.” Being a Republican means never having to admit you were wrong.

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During his downtime between political jobs John Kasich’s friends provided him with a lot of ways of making money. One of those friends was Malachi (Mal) Mixon, the CEO and Chairman of Invacare – who gave John Kasich a high-paying job on his company’s board of directors (where John helped send Ohio jobs to Mexico and China)

When Kasich decided to run for Governor, Mixon and his family became one of John’s biggest donors, collectively giving him nearly $70,000.

So it wouldn’t seem like a big deal when the Kasich campaign got Mixon to be the registrant on a […]

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If I were a Congressional Republican right now, I’d start to worry if I shouldn’t have bothered unpacking my stuff in my new majority offices just yet. We’re seeing some rather ominous warning signs for the Congressional Republicans that suggest that unless things change in the next year, they could be looking at yet another Democratic tide election that very well could sweep them right out of the majority again.

Boehner is campaigning to win a special election race the Republicans should have been holding in a cakewalk, the Democrats are having little trouble raising money to compete with the GOP in the minority, and the polling environment has radically worsened for the GOP from the 2010 highs.

All and all, it’s not a bad time to be a Democrat contemplating a run for Congress.

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Four days ago, a new “independent” expenditure group was formed called “One Ohio United.” Right now, it’s primary focus appears to be promoting Kasich’s “Jobs” Budget as this television ad shows (note: we have not confirmed this ad is actually airing anywhere, yet)

The group appears to be headed by a “Mike Morris,” who we believe is the same Mike Morris that Chairs the Ohio Business Roundtable as well as the CEO of AEP. The group also names the CEO of ScottsMiracle-Gro as one of its members, which is interesting since he endorsed Ted Strickland in a campaign ad last year.

Mea culpa?

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The Ohio Health Care Association, a predominately nursing home industry interest group, is presently running this television ad about Kasich’s Medicaid budget. An ad that begins with an image of John Kasich, a bunch of hospitalized elderly patients, and ends with a flatline as someone, literally, pulls the plug.

And Governor Kasich is pissed about it, and decrying the influence of campaign dollars in Medicaid policy. Wonder if he has the same take on charter schools? Nah.

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