From the daily archives: Monday, May 9, 2011

If Josh Mandel’s math skills were anywhere close to his political ambition or self-promotion skills, he’d be a really good State Treasurer. Three months on the job and already plotting his next political campaign promotion to the United States Senate, and Josh Mandel can’t name a single noteworthy achievement in office… so, he’s taking credit for what Kasich is doing instead, with one exception.

Mandel still refuses to say publicly what his stance is on Kasich’s SB 5 or Paul Ryan’s “Let’s get rid of Medicare and throw the seniors to the private insurers” plan. Some Senate candidate.

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Today the Dispatch ran a seemingly innocent Op Ed in support of the charter school changes included in the house budget bill. The Op Ed was written by Thomas F. Needles who the Dispatch identifies as an employee of a “Columbus-based government-relations consulting firm”.

In the piece Tom defends the changes to Ohio’s charter school laws and goes so far as to claim that White Hat Management, the for-profit charter school company who stands to directly benefit financially from the changes, is “a proven and effective education management organization.”

More on Tom in a second, first a little […]

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We’ve received more than a few emails asking where people can donate to help get the Senate Bill 5 referendum on the ballot, so I thought I would pass along some information I received from the group leading the charge.

We Are Ohio finally has their donation page up and they are collecting money to help purchase “survival kits” for signature gatherers:

Our volunteers are on the streets, starting at dawn, working into the night and the elements are often working against them. For this reason, they need a survival kit

Each survival kit includes the following items:

Clipboard […]

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