From the daily archives: Friday, May 6, 2011

That’s not a misprint.  When the GOP passed the budget bill this week, they left a provision in the teacher performance pay section (that is NOT distinctly different than Senate Bill 5, regardless of Mr. Batchelder’s lens) that shall measure a teacher’s performance by considering whether the teacher is a “breather” as is defined in Ohio Revised Code.  [Sec. 3317.141; B2, page 1685].

Okay, so they don’t exactly use the word “breather” in the legislation, but they could have.  In the budget bill legislation, as in SB5, they have mandated that school boards will develop salary schedules based on a […]

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While John Kasich continues to delay making decisions about Ohio’s new casinos, delaying billions of dollars in new development in Ohio, Kasich’s new casino commissioners (who are paid $60K/year to attend one meeting a month) have decided to sign an expensive lease on some swanky office space downtown.

Scott Pullins wrote about the new lease yesterday afternoon:

According to the April 6th meeting minutes, the commissioners took on the most pressing issue of the month, the need for plush downtown office space. Apparently, state government is absolutely out of office space in the Central Ohio area because […]

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