Two words: Willie Horton.

The Rs know there won’t be any Democratic votes for Kasich’s budget. And if someone is released early under the new sentencing reforms, and that person happens to commit a violent crime, they want the Democrats to be on the hook too.

It was a purely political CYA play, and it worked as expected. The House just passed the bill 96-2.

  • Anon

    I thought it was because theywant people to stay in jail as long as possible so that for profit prisons can make oops I mean steal as much money from us the real taxpayers as possible. Then of course there is the “tough on crime” angle which always sells. Just another part of the class war that the evil radical R’s continue to fight for evil rich people.

  • Either way, it’s a rare moment of them having the right idea.

  • dlw

    So does that include the change that would treat “rich” cocaine like “poor” cocaine? I assume they axed this change as well (if you cld even leave this in without keeping overall reform… have not read this section and so do not know how it was structured), but there is a rouge brain cell in my head that is trying to stay positive… it has been beaten to within an inch of its life lately, but its one tough little cell and keeps bouncing back……

  • Guest

    Because they are evil, and they hate people.

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