Seriously, Columbus Dispatch, if you’re going to report something like this:

Salaries at JobsOhio will go to development professionals who will also be able to serve as advisers for start-ups that receive venture capital from JobsOhio.

Then you need to get the reaction, even if it’s just stunned silence, from someone, anyone, from the Ohio Ethics Committee.

Not that we didn’t try to warn the folks in the General Assembly when they considered HB 1.  I did (on my birthday no less!):

We cannot expect an ethical administration within JobsOhio under a legal system that permits the employees to lobby one another while working.  We cannot tolerate a more lenient ethics standards that lets them accept gifts less than $500 in value without reporting it, and allows them to solicit or accept employment from companies whose economic development applications they are handling either.

Although not in my prepared remarks, I also said that it was only a matter of when, not if, the lax accountability and transparency of JobsOhio would create another self-dealing scandal like Coingate.

At what point do these consultancy contracts become “kickbacks?”  And what protection within the JobsOhio framework protects the business community from being denied needed economic development assistance simply because they do not wish, do not feel they need, or just plainly do not want to put the JobsOhio person involved in their project on their payroll?  Nothing in Am. Sub. H.B. 1 does, I’ll tell you that.

Mark Kvamme not only wants the State to obtain partial ownership of private corporations, something that is explicitly prohibited under Ohio’s constitution, but he actually views encouraging self-serving, doubling dealing by its employees as a novel compensation plan.

I know the man has suffered a recent massive head trauma, but what medications is this guy on?  And more importantly, when is someone going to tell him no?

  • Anon

    Not surprised. This is how the mafia operates. We have the best Governor that Kvamme’s money and other rich people can buy.

    They don’t work for us. They just work to steal our money for themselves and to make evil rich people richer. Who cares about the law? If the (insert radical Republican officeholder here) does it then they are NOT breaking the law. Richard Nixon showed ’em exactly how to do it.

  • Anonymous

    I’m just surprised that King John hasn’t already abolished the Ohio Ethics Commission to save more money. They’re just a bunch of overpaid and underworked public servants, after all.

    And he’s already demonstrated that, to him, the Ohio Constitution is just a goddamned piece of paper.

  • Anonymous

    Do you remember the last big Republican scandal, Coingate? I think that will look like small potatoes compared to the scandal that could come out of the Kasich-Kwamme JobsOhio investment scandal. I hope that someone introduces these two meatheads to the Ohio Constitution before our tax money starts flowing into the pockets of their cronies.

  • stryx

    Just wait until JobsOhio starts screwing over the competition of firms they invest in.

    “Nice Green Energy firm youse got there. Be a shame somethin’ might happen to it.”

  • dlw

    And this is why you cannot run government as a business. Corporations are not designed to care about the little guy, they are not designed to serve everyone. They choose a demographic to whom they want to appeal and then do what is necessary to get that business. The newly formed Ohio Corporation has picked their demographic and is doggedly pursuing and wooing.

    And when you think about it that way, comments such as “poor people are poor because they make bad decisions” actually make some sense. After all, in the business world it is true that good versus bad decisions can absolutely make or break your business. The question is how do you get these people to see that PEOPLE and their LIVES are not businesses and cannot be treated as such????? Whoever figures that out can save us all….

  • george

    The Ohio Constitution of 1852 specifically forbid state ownership of private companies. Do we know why?

  • Gary Ruppert

    The fact is, shut up you stupid liberals. Kashich is bringing fiscal accountibility back, and free market solutions without socialism regulation is the way forward, unless you are lazy and are class warfare.

  • Anastasjoy

    It appears Gary Ruppert is another rightie who substitutes fantasy for facts. Exactly what would Kasich know about “fiscal responsibility” or “free market solutions”? Kasich is a public-sector leech just like those people like you always deride. He has NEVER run a business, and he has lived off taxpayers for almost all of his career. That includes the years he spent with Lehman Brothers, where he didn’t actually run anything; his job was basically to leverage his contacts in the government sector to try to suck those dollars into the Lehman toilet. Kasich’s wealth has come entirely at the expense of taxpayers and now he’s trying to reward HIS rich buddies with OUR money. Maybe YOU want to give YOUR money to some lazy, crooked multimillionaire, but I don’t.

    And hell YES, it’s class warfare — the rich have nuclear weapons and 99 percent of the rest of us have been given squirt guns. The war is one-sided, and we’re not the ones waging war.

  • stryx

    Gary Ruppert is the Sparticus of online righties. Not really a sockpuppet but not really a person either. “He” can often be found trolling liberal web sites.

    I’d rate this a 3 out of 5. The misspellings are a nice touch but not quite egregious enough for top-notch Gary, although the mangled grammar somewhat makes up for that. “Unless you are lazy and class warfare” was especially nice.

    Don’t bother replying to Gary. Or at least don’t bother getting upset. Arguing with the Easter Bunny would do as much good.

  • Joemetz

    I’m not certain, but I came across this article that appears to shed light on the question – perhaps tied to the rise of canals and railroads in the decades prior leaving states potentially on the hook for failed endeavors. I’ve just skimmed the article, but I suspect that the clause’s genesis lies here.

  • Anonymous

    Basically, the State of Ohio engaged in a number of public-private ventures for the benefit of the railroad and canal industries. The State thought it could recoup its investment when the businesses became profitable, so it issued bonds for these projects like crazy. The ventures faied and the State lost a ton of money and went into debt. It became the main topic of debate at the next constitutional convention which placed a prohibition on the State from taking equity in private companies. In other words, precisely what they want to do with JobsOhio.

  • Yes I’d say that Kasich and company are not lazy, they have spent a lot of time and energy figuring out new and exciting ways to rob the citizens of Ohio. As for class warfare, we the middle and lower class didn’t start the war, it’s a war that has been waged against us for centuries with only a small amount of headway made by us during and after WWII. I’m pretty sure you really aren’t part of the upper class but merely fulfilling your destiny to be a tool.

  • Anonymous

    I was going to say something about the PRIVATISED GUARDS at the PRIVATISED PRISON leaving the door unlocked again, but you are right, he’s not worth the words.

  • Anonymous

    Who would have thought that a guy with a BA in French Economics and Literature from the University of California at Berkeley could become the most powerful snake oil salesman in Ohio?

  • M.B.A.

    Is Kasich really a Republican?

    Our 100+ days old governor doesn’t look to “Republican” he
    looks more like a card-carrying communist of the bygone soviet era.

    The notion
    that the government should somehow acquire “equity” in private enterprises and
    that government employees should be able to, maybe be required to, actually staff
    and man the private enterprises within a government’s domain is pretty much
    communism at its worst.

    Kasich’s notion underlying his Ohio development agency’s
    restructuring looks a lot like what the Chinese communists and the former
    Soviet Union’s communist regimes tried and failed. The great Republican
    Reagan declared that the evil empire.
    Why is Kasich’s regime any different other than its limited ability to
    wage war?

    Like the communists’ regimes worldwide, Kasich has his own “apparatchik”
    implanted in his robust and expensive staff and boards and commissions that
    will determine how formerly-free enterprise works in Ohio. These loyal members of the “party”, in this case the GOP reap all the benefits at the expense of the constituent, non-apparatchik people.

    Kasich’s legislative package strips power from the
    population and firmly entrenches it in the governments and his appartachiks by virtue of the tools
    SB-5 and his budget bring them. Normal,
    American rights, i.e., to free association by joining and participating in in trade unions, are being
    diminished and collective bargaining defined by Kasich has become soviet-style Republican (GOP) collectivism.

    Kasich has rules, some secret. If you contribute your wealth and work for
    the party you “earn” rewards. Cross the
    party, fail to contribute, and retaliation awaits [Ask Ohio Senator (R) Bill Seitz
    what speaking or allegedly thinking about contrary points of view did for him
    in Kasich’s world].

    Kasich looks more dictatorial and communistic than he does
    Republican. Governor Kasich is so far off to the political right with his screwball
    rhetoric and agenda that he’s farther left than any Democrat. It’s no f different than the fat cat
    communist leaders that Americans despised and defeated in the Cold War.

  • Anon

    Acknowledged Vito.

  • Anon

    Isn’t this how the Cuyahoga county govt scandal happened?

  • dlw

    You don’t want them to actually heed lessons learned in the past do you? That’d be… well, just wacky.

  • Guest

    As a stoopid liberal myself, pay no attention to the meat puppet behind the curtain called Gary Ruppert. He got confused coming here and thinking that we would agree with him, and be cool with being insulted.

  • Guest

    Thanks for the insult Gary.

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