Seriously, Columbus Dispatch, if you’re going to report something like this:

Salaries at JobsOhio will go to development professionals who will also be able to serve as advisers for start-ups that receive venture capital from JobsOhio.

Then you need to get the reaction, even if it’s just stunned silence, from someone, anyone, from the Ohio Ethics Committee.

Not that we didn’t try to warn the folks in the General Assembly when they considered HB 1.  I did (on my birthday no less!):

We cannot expect an ethical administration within JobsOhio under a legal system that permits the employees to lobby one another while working.  We cannot tolerate a more lenient ethics standards that lets them accept gifts less than $500 in value without reporting it, and allows them to solicit or accept employment from companies whose economic development applications they are handling either.

Although not in my prepared remarks, I also said that it was only a matter of when, not if, the lax accountability and transparency of JobsOhio would create another self-dealing scandal like Coingate.

At what point do these consultancy contracts become “kickbacks?”  And what protection within the JobsOhio framework protects the business community from being denied needed economic development assistance simply because they do not wish, do not feel they need, or just plainly do not want to put the JobsOhio person involved in their project on their payroll?  Nothing in Am. Sub. H.B. 1 does, I’ll tell you that.

Mark Kvamme not only wants the State to obtain partial ownership of private corporations, something that is explicitly prohibited under Ohio’s constitution, but he actually views encouraging self-serving, doubling dealing by its employees as a novel compensation plan.

I know the man has suffered a recent massive head trauma, but what medications is this guy on?  And more importantly, when is someone going to tell him no?