From the daily archives: Thursday, May 5, 2011

Seriously, Columbus Dispatch, if you’re going to report something like this:

Salaries at JobsOhio will go to development professionals who will also be able to serve as advisers for start-ups that receive venture capital from JobsOhio.

Then you need to get the reaction, even if it’s just stunned silence, from someone, anyone, from the Ohio Ethics Committee.

Not that we didn’t try to warn the folks in the General Assembly when they considered HB 1.  I did (on my birthday no less!):

We cannot expect an ethical administration within JobsOhio under a legal system that permits the employees […]

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Two words: Willie Horton.

The Rs know there won’t be any Democratic votes for Kasich’s budget. And if someone is released early under the new sentencing reforms, and that person happens to commit a violent crime, they want the Democrats to be on the hook too.

It was a purely political CYA play, and it worked as expected. The House just passed the bill 96-2.

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In a post yesterday, we had a brief note about the “parental trigger” in the amended budget bill passed by the House Finance Committee.  They reduced Kasich’s proposal to take over failing schools into a pilot program for the schools within the Columbus City School District.

Sec. 3302.042. (A) The department of education annually shall rank all schools statewide that are operated by a city, exempted village, or local school district in order according to the schools’ performance index scores.

(B) This section shall operate as a pilot project thatapplies to any school that has been ranked in the lowest […]

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Today’s Dispatch article about Mark Kvamme adds a new piece to the puzzle that suggests there is something highly unusual about his interest in JobsOhio and Ohio in general, especially for a guy committed to return to his California-based venture capital firm by the end of this summer.

We know that Kvamme first worked on Kasich’s ‘00 Presidential campaign as a “Senior Internet Strategist.”  We know that for years John Kasich was able to keep his oldest and closest congressional aides paid by keeping them on the payroll of his federal PAC, New Century, which did little but… keep […]

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