Gov. John Kasich claimed “state employees are actually going to get a pay raise”. Politifact calls this statement False:

Despite Nichols explanations, there is no pay raise. State workers will be getting more money in their paychecks, as Nichols noted. But that’s not because they’ll be getting paid more for their time.

Those increases are a result of them working more days at the same rate of pay. When the furloughs end, state workers will no longer be forced to take unpaid days off from work.

Obviously this won’t surprise Plunderbund readers. We’ve documented dozens of Kasich’s lies already.

And it shouldn’t surprise PD readers either. Kasich is up to 7 Half True, 3 Barely True and 5 straight up False statements on Politifact.

  • Beca117

    No “true” statements, huh??? No surprise here!!

  • stryx

    Who knows how one of my email accounts got on the Kasich-Taylor PR list, but I just got this one today:

    “Governor Kasich’s Jobs Budget is making its way through the Ohio House of Representatives and is designed to fill the nearly $8 billion structural imbalance without raising your taxes.”

    I think they meant to say raising STATE taxes. Plus, we haven’t seen an honest accounting of the shortfall or of the amount whatever the House comes up with will raise.

    I call half pants on fire.

  • dlw

    “Structural imbalance”? Haven’t heard that wording. Or if I have, I’ve totally tuned it out.

    Election day was today… did all those with school levies on the ballot show up to cast a vote???? My polling place was EMPTY and from chatting with the people working there, had been all day (I went after lunch). Between one issue ballots and the rain… it’s going to be really interesting to see some of these results!

  • dlw

    Yeah there are… his current “score”:

    # True…4
    # Mostly True…3
    # Half True…7
    # Barely True…3
    # False…5
    # Pants on Fire…0

    So his half truths and outright lies are totally in the lead.

  • Fotogirlcb2002

    Well all you say is true — state people who took furlough days or some say Cost Saving Days — when theyare over just get what they bargained for in the beginning. And let me add here Ocsea folks voted to take the days to try and help the shortfall– but they gave no credit for that. Yes all hourly pay will be exactly the same!
    Hey folks a guy named Bill Henrich has a on line petition about Kasich and congress being treated like state employees . its at

  • Adrienne

    “Structural imbalance”? += evil rich people and their employees comitting arson then putting on fire fighting gear. Then saying trust us to put out the fire but not before they took out fire insurance on our house.

    Got paid to set the fire, “put the fire out” (NOT!), and got paid by the insurance. We got robbed at least three ways by evil rich people. Prince John is one of the many arsonists and is now getting paid again.

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