(HT: Dave Harding @ ProgressOhio)

According to the Daily Caller, Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) is contemplating running for re-election to Congress, but this time from the State of Washington.

Kucinich is believed to be one of the Ohio Democratic Members of Congress that Republicans who control redistricting will target for elimination as they redraw Ohio’s congressional map with two fewer districts.   Kucinich was being forced into either a primary challenge against Congresswoman Marsha Fudge or Congresswoman Betty Sutton.  However, the State of Washington is gaining a congressional seat, and Kucinich, apparently, is seriously contemplating moving there and running for that seat instead saying he has been recruited by voters there.

How exactly voters from another State recruit a Member of Congress from another State is beyond me.  And, frankly, I think the whole thing sounds ridiculous.  I bet Kucinich is just saying this to see if Governor Kasich offers him millions of dollars just out of habit.

The article does note the amount of time Kucinich has been spending in the State of Washington lately.  And he does have some connection to the State: it’s where he famously said he saw an UFO at Shirley McClain’s house, as Talking Points Memo pointed out.

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