Proclaiming as Ohio’s Governor that teachers come from “a grand and powerful profession, worthy to be honored and respected” and “in order for our society to accomplish great things, it must heed the importance of the work of public servants,” Governor Kasich today issued two proclamations declaring this week both Teacher Appreciation Week and Public Service Appreciation Week.

I can’t wait for the SB 5 repeal ads that could be made from this.  That’s the only thought that kept me from punching a hole in my wall when I read these resolutions.

From the Governor’s Press Release:

“Ohio has tens of thousands of outstanding teachers for whom education is more than a job—it’s a calling.  I’m grateful for the work they do and I encourage every Ohioan to take time this week to thank an educator for their commitment to Ohio’s future.  Recognizing those good efforts and incentivizing it is why I want to replace Ohio’s outdated pay system for teachers with one that rewards high performance.  Currently, teachers are paid largely on the basis of how many years they’ve been on the job.  That’s not fair because it fails to recognize the successes of Ohio’s highest-performing educators.  I want to hear from those teachers who want a better way and who have ideas for how to get us there.  I look forward to working with them to create a better way,” said Kasich.

In addition to a new performance-based pay system, other education reforms proposed in Kasich’s Jobs Budget include expanding charter schools and school choice vouchers, encouraging schools to reduce overhead costs by sharing back-office functions, and giving parents the ability to take over failing schools and reconstitute them with oversight from the state.

Kasich so supports teachers, it’s why he’s gutting your school’s funding and your benefits.   Hey, teachers….  you’re welcome! 

And here’s his press release on public employees:

“Public employees are community leaders and our neighbors who work every day to ensure that our state and local communities effectively provide essential services.  Public employees make it possible for us to enjoy basic freedoms and rights we may too often overlook.  They protect us, care for our most vulnerable, teach our children, and maintain our infrastructure to aid commerce and economic development throughout Ohio.  This week I ask all Ohioans to reflect on all that our public employees do in our communities, and thank them for the invaluable work they do each day,” said Kasich.

And here’s House Minority Leader Armond Budish’s spit-take statement:

“Governor Kasich’s statements forced me to check my calendar, and much to my surprise today is not April Fool’s Day. Does he get the irony in them? While he’s putting out statements of praise, he and his Republican cronies are working to systematically destroy public employees and teachers through Senate Bill 5. So Governor Kasich, do you commend the police officer for doing his job well before or after you call him an ‘idiot’? Do you thank teachers and firefighters for the invaluable work before or after you slash their wages and benefits. Once I stop laughing at his audacity to actually put out these statements, I would like to remind the Governor that your actions speak louder than your words.”

You can read all about Governor Kasich’s praise for public school teachers and public employees in next months edition of OMFG magazine:

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