Haven’t heard a peep from John McCain today, yet, even though he was on “Face the Nation” yesterday morning tearing Obama a new one over his foreign policies.

Obama was roundly criticized by Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden when they were rivals of Obama’s during the Democratic nomination fight.  Then, McCain and the Republicans attacked Obama over his willingness to go it alone and take unilateral action in Pakistan if it meant taking out Osama bin Laden.

Obama might have finally put to rest the nonsense that Democrats are “weak” on terrorism and wrong on foreign policy as it relates to terrorism.  We removed all but our military trainers from Iraq on a date certain, and the world did not end.  General Petraeus, who was used largely by Republicans to oppose Obama and other Democrats’ efforts to end American combat duty in Iraq, is become President Obama’s new Director of the CIA, succeeding Leon Panetta, who is becoming the new Defense Secretary after being in charge of the mission that took out OBL.

It’s ironic to look at the this video from just three years ago and realize how prescient Obama was.  Pakistan was not a reliable ally to fight our terroristic enemies in the region.  Supporting corrupt regimes like the Mubarak regime in Egypt did more harm to America’s image in the Islamic world and hurt our efforts to fight global terrorism that it helped.

Obama didn’t need a flight suit and an aircraft carrier scene straight out of “Top Gun” with a banner declaring “Mission Accomplished.”  He came out, told the world what had happened as a result of his decisions as Commander-in-Chief, and then walked away and went straight back to work on the other issues facing this country.  As a person who didn’t support Obama in the primaries and has been less than idealistic about the potential of his presidency, it was a simple moment of the President being presidential. 

As Cynthia Tucker of the Atlanta Journal Constitution wrote, Obama has opted for the speak softly, carry a big stick philosophy that seems 180-degrees from McCain and Bush, who talked boastful but were practically impotent to achieve their stated aims.

While his opponents snipe over birth certificates and each other, the President made all of his critics shrink in a moment, more so than he did last Wednesday with the release of his longer birth certificate.  And he did it in a way that didn’t seem boastful or proud.  He didn’t say: “I told you so.”  He didn’t need to.  The whole nation sees who is the real thing, and who the pretenders are.

Osama bin Laden is dead.  If John McCain had had his way, it wouldn’t have happened.  Why are conservative Republicans so weak on terror?