Yesterday, WKYC in Cleveland aired an interview it had with President Obama.  The first question the President was asked was his thoughts on the debate concerning SB 5:

Obama didn’t just come out to make a statement about SB 5 unsolicited.  He was asked by an Ohio reporter to express his opinion on what has become a national debate.  He is, after all, the President of the United States.

So what’s Governor Kasich’s calm, measured response to this?

Earlier this week, Kasich toured V & M Star where he touted how it survived the recession and expanded.  An expansion that was motivated by and partially funded by the federal stimulus Kasich opposed.  Early in his term, Kasich visited Detroit and came back telling reporters how much GM’s execs are excited to work with him over Strickland.

Because let’s face it, when have we ever seen and executive of GM happy to be with Ted Strickland?

Oh yeah, when Governor Strickland met with GM’s President for North America for the launch of the Chevy Cruze manufactured in Lordstown, which wouldn’t be possible except for the auto bailout Strickland and Obama supported and Kasich opposed.

Not since Governor Voinovich ordered his pilots to violate the FAA’s no-fly order and take off while Air Force One was approaching Columbus to land with President Clinton aboard has an Ohio Governor shown such a blatant disrespect to the Office of the Presidency as Kasich did today with his “shut up” tantrum.

Incidentally, here are some non-Ohioans who just a few months ago, Governor Kasich had no problem with weighing in on Ohio politics, even though virtually none of them has been on a ballot in Ohio ever:

Kasich's Pals

In comparison, here’s the guy that John Kasich says has no business offering his opinion on Ohio matters, even when he’s asked by a reporter from Ohio:

You know, the guy who, unlike the Governor, actually has received the support of a majority of Ohio voters.  A guy who is actually elected to represent all Americans, including Ohioans.  A guy who has an approval rating right now Kasich would kill for. 

But because Obama has run a deficit for the stimulus program Kasich hates until he visits with the Ohio business that survived as a result of it, also trying to resolve the two wars he inherited (that Kasich’s “soul brother” didn’t pay for), a prescription drug benefit (that Bush didn’t pay for), a massive tax cut (that Bush didn’t pay for and that Kasich and his GOP allies in Congress insisted Obama continued… with no plan to pay for it), and the massive loss in tax revenues caused by the economic meltdown caused by Kasich’s buddies at Lehman Brothers (which we paid for.)

So for Kasich to suggest that because he “solved” a state budget deficit that wasn’t really that much more than the $7.3 billion deficit Strickland faced at the height of the recession he’s immune from criticism from Obama who’s actually fixing Ohio’s biggest programs takes some nerve. 

And yes, Kasich’s budget relies on over a billion in one-time money, continuation of some stimulus money (Kasich actually lobbied Congress to expand some stimulus programs to help him balance the budget), banks on two billion of the deficit being resolved by economic growth (which will be considered the “magic revenue fairy” if the economic doesn’t grow as Kasich expects it to in Ohio,) and delays nearly half a billion of the State’s bills that were supposed to come due during this biennium, so don’t go there.

I guess since a majority of Ohioans, who share the President’s attitude towards SB 5, haven’t solved all the world’s problem we can STFU, too, Governor?