Over the past few months DAS has put out a number of estimates related to the potential cost savings to local communities resulting from Senate Bill 5. The estimates have all been highly scrutinized as “junk science and faulty math”.

As school districts begin making the calculations for themselves – and comparing their results to those released by the Kasich administration – we are starting to realize just how incorrect the administration’s estimates are.

According to a statement issued by Springfield City Schools today, data from the state is “grossly inaccurate”:

State data released last week claiming Senate Bill 5 would save Springfield City Schools nearly $3.5 million is “grossly inaccurate,” school officials said Tuesday.

Treasurer Christopher S. Mohr said his analysis shows the district would save just under $400,000, making the state’s numbers off by 782 percent or more than $3 million.

“To be more than 700 percent off means that most of all the assumptions made in this data are wrong,” Mohr said.

Let me repeat that.

The Treasurer for the Springfield School District reviewed the Kasich administration’s estimates for Senate Bill 5 cost savings and called them “grossly inaccurate” and claims that “most of all the assumptions made in this data are wrong.”

Not a lot of ambiguity there.