Today, President Obama released the long-form of his birth certificate which, under Hawaii law, they ordinarily don’t even provide to to people.  Apparently, last Monday, the President hired a personal attorney to beg the Hawaii Department of Health to release his long-form birth certificate simply to put it to rest.

And as Wonkette pointed out, the heart of birtherism-World Net Daily-didn’t miss a beat, and declared that the certificate validated their view that Obama was ineligible to be President because the certificate says his dad was not an United States citizen—which nobody has ever claimed otherwise.

Donald Trump has already moved onto to his next crusade—demanding that Obama release his college records, for some reason.  Of course, only after he first declared victory for the birthers while at the same time demanding the media stop hounding him with questions about a topic he intentionally jumped on to ride his way to the head of the ’12 GOP Presidential pack:

And that’s what the political media and the White House doesn’t get.  Facts and rational thinking have no place in the birther debate.  You’re talking about a mass political psychosis, a delusion, as if a massive section of the country just up and decided that the President was an alien imposter from Mars.  Even if the President allowed doctors to dissect him live on national television, there’d be those who’d be convinced it was all a Spielberg/Lucas special effects sham.  There is no convincing these people they are wrong.

Birtherism isn’t a movement that seeks to reveal the truth.  Birtherism is a celebration of irrationality and ignorance.   Its goal was never designed to document whether the President was, in fact, born in Hawaii to his American citizen mother.  Its goal was to give Obama’s most hate-filled partisan opponents something to cling to in order to have some basis to support their desired viewpoint that somehow Barack Obama really wasn’t the President of the United States of America.

There is a segment in society that still, some two and half years later, cannot accept the fact that an African-American named Barack Hussein Obama could possible hold the highest office in the land.  So when they see images of him on the news appearing as the President, their mind starts searching ways to dismiss that evidence to avoid concluding that he is, in fact, the President.  Enter birtherism where you can dismiss these images by believing that he has the office, but is somehow a usurper who has “duped” the system in a massive fraud, and therefore, not really the President legitimately.

Go to any conservative website or Fox News, and you’ll already find people trying to find ways to argue that this document, too, must be a forgery.  You can’t reason with them because they don’t want to listen to reason.  They want to believe in birtherism to such a degree they may be incapable of accepting the truth.  Present new evidence they hadn’t considered that to a rational person would disprove their thesis, and watch as their mind reshapes the evidence and refines the argument to instead validate their deep suspicions about a conspiracy.  That’s what paranoid schizophrenics, people with persecutorial complexes, and other mental illness do.

What’s sad is that there are people like Donald Trump who so crave the limelight, so addicted to fame and power, that he would cynically prey on these folks mass delusion.  It’s like a guy running for President who tells a crowd of mentally ill people he will turn off the CIA’s thought control devices if they elect him.  Trump is exploiting what is, in essence, a form of mental illness.

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