Recently we did a post about the MANY lies Kasich has told since being elected Governor. Now we can add one more to the list.

According Ohio Public Radio’s Bill Cohen Kasich is running around town telling people that “no school district is being cut by more than 8%” which is an outright lie.

We’ve spent more than our fair share of time covering the huge cuts to school districts across the state. But don’t just take our word for it. The PD has a good piece today that discusses the GIGANTIC cuts to North East Ohio school districts that overwhelmingly voted for Kasich.

Rocky River, for example, is losing 79 percent of their funding over two years (56% voted for Kasich). Independence, 69% (58% voted for Kasich).

8% vs 79%

I can see how Kasich might be confused. Ugh.

On top of the obvious facts that disagree with Kasich’s statement, his own party is scrambling to cover their own asses in the wake of Kasich’s disastrous budget bill.

According to a piece in the PD today, Republicans are planning to introduce an amendment to the budget that would limit cuts to school district funding to 20%. If they need an amendment to limit cuts to 20% – how the hell can Kasich claim no one is getting more than an 8% cut?

With this budget Kasich didn’t just screw himself – he screwed every Republican legislator as well. Legislators are judged on what they bring TO their districts – and any House or Senate member who votes to cut upwards of 80% of funding for their local school district better start looking for a new job in 2012.

Kasich can run off his mouth all he wants, but the facts are already out there. We know he’s lying, anyone who’s read a newspaper in the past month knows he is lying. And everyone in his own party knows he is lying.