Teachers and John Kasich were not friendly during the last gubernatorial campaign. According to Kasich, teachers unions “smeared [his] record and distorted it” and he insisted they take out full page ads in every newspaper to apologize to him. Kasich also promised to “break the back of organized labor in the schools” and he meant it.

He started with Senate Bill 5 which, in military terms, could be considered a series of air strikes intent on destroying his enemy’s defenses. If passed into law, SB5 would seriously impact the effectiveness of teachers to collectively bargain – opening up an opportunity for the full on ground assault that is his budget.

Kasich didn’t even bother to try to hide his hatred of teachers when he created his budget. He severely cut funding for schools hoping they would fire or reduce the salaries of teachers to help make up the difference. And he completely removed minimum pay scales for teachers to help assist in the process.

He did fail to see one defensive maneuver though. In an attempt to avoid huge cuts in teacher pay and layoffs that would ultimately end up hurting their students, many school districts have recently announced they would be seeking to put levies on the ballot to help make up for Kasich’s funding cuts.

Having yet to come up with a way to force districts to fire teachers or reduce their pay, Kasich is taking his message directly to potential school-levy voters.

According to Bill Cohen at WOSU John Kasich is now urging voters to “reject proposals to raise local taxes” and “he’s pressuring schools to operate with less money” by cutting teachers’ salaries.

Kasich cut BILLIONS from schools and local communities to help balance his own budget and in return he promised to give them the tools they needed to help balance their budgets and maintain services. But all along he’s done is push them down a single path: screw public employees.

At the end of the day the only tool Kasich provided local communities was a big hammer. And now he’s trying to force them to use it to beat in the heads of the people who teach their children.

To say his behavior is shameful hardly seems sufficient.

  • Anonymous

    GOP playbook: starve the beast and it will go away. Break the public schools to open it up for private schools paid for by vouchers.

    Kasich also said in an interview that local governments weren’t suppose to ask for more tax money after his budget cut so much.

  • Guest

    Radical R’s represent !00% of nothing and less. That is what people voted for and that is what we got. The we are surprised when we get less. Less spending = less government. Their goal the continuing corporate and evil rich people take over of “We the People”.

    We have been set up to fail, failed and then told to “stop whining”. Makes it easier to fight over the moldy crumbs when out pockets are being picked. I forgot; the R’s don’t believe in government except for the evil rich. Unfortunately people are now learning what it is like to live under a dictatorship because democracy interferes with the “speed of business”. Money before people is the real motto of the radical R’s. If people knew that they would NOT vote for them.

  • Mgentry1970

    It’s about time the teachers Unions were broken. They have been dumbing down our kids for years. There is very little the people can do to remove a teacher who is failing to teach. It takes an act of the congress(I know exaggeration) to remove a teacher. Keep up the good work. Lets privatize the schools and increase the helm of parental control on the education process and its content!

  • Anonymous

    Privatizing a school doesn’t increase parental control. Quite the opposite. Private schools aren’t governed by school boards elected by the people in the community.

    Teacher unions aren’t the problem in education. Disengaged parents are.

  • WHAT!?

    As a teacher, I would love more parental involvement! How about getting your kid to turn off the xbox for a few hours to complete the homework? Dumbing down the kids? When we ask students to use higher level thinking skills and really push themselves is when we get the parent involvement. They tell us to take it easy because little Jimmy has two hours of lacrosse practice after school and then they need to take him shopping. Give me a break.

  • Julie

    I hate to admit it but Ohio-Papa makes a good point. Would the brilliant minds at Plunderbund please find the evidence Cohen alludes to? I need to feel stable on my soapbox rants!

  • Fotogirlcb2002

    LOL what in the world ? I thought sb5 was to give local communities the “power” to have controll of their budgets !
    now he wants to tell them not to vote for levies ……
    I think this is out of his hands now ……. as my granny use to say he doesnt know if hes washing or hanging out …..

  • Rob

    By your comments, I know exactly the type of person you are, and discussion is pointless. Please, before you start saying teachers are “supposedly” doing their jobs, why don’t you spend some time in a classroom as an aid or tutor.

    And if you want an OPT OUT, there are plently or programs as the FED and state level I would love to opt out of. Deal with it.

  • gmild

    Dispatch article references the question asked of Kasich.

    “Asked whether budget cuts will send schools to the ballot seeking approval of more levies, Kasich said, ‘Most families can figure out how to cut between 5 and 10 percent. Part of the problem (in government), it’s what they call ‘other people’s money.’ They don’t manage it like they manage their own.'”

    Combined with the ongoing SB5 and budget rhetoric, I think it constitutes “pressure.”

  • Ted

    I assume there are actually teachers in Ohio who voted for this punk. Think anyone will be stupid enough to do it again? Probably. By the time we get a Democrat back in the Governor’s seat it will be like Obama trying to right ALL the wrong gwb jr created. Keep touching the screen and bringing these losers/liars into office, people!

  • Ted

    I wonder what Mr Perfect “1970” does for a living. I assume he never takes a day of sick leave or ever wishes he makes more money or cares anything about a good health care plan. Why he’s just being like Joe the Plumber. A complete and totally outspoken idiot. I agree with you, Rob.

  • try2teach

    As a teacher in an inner-city school, I am glad NOT to have most parents involved. These are the same people who messed up their kids so badly in the first place – do we REALLY want them involved?

    What I would like is for politicians to repeal all of the inane laws that force us to remove all discipline and rigor in order not to hurt the feelings of poorly behaved and performing students.

  • jhg62

    If you home school your kids it’s your choice and you’ll get no sympathy here. When you have a kid in public school and are engaged with the public school and the teacher teaching your kid, then maybe someone will hear you out. Otherwise, mind your own business — home schooling and all.

  • Ladyde1114

    Amen Ted!

  • Theoriginaldawson

    I just have to laugh whenever someone claims “statistical fact” on anything. There really is no such thing. But choads like this guy don’t know what it means.

  • stever

    “Parental” control of the schools? How about we start with them controlling their KIDS? Nope, blames the teachers instead. Classic.

  • Trnoland

    This guy is out to destroy Ohio just because he feel afended ? Come on people ! Why in the hell did this (sorry explitenve would be to nice) get in to office. All of America is looking down on Ohio, Wisconsin, and Florida right now ! Please please wake up good people ! There is no reason why all of you should help these (explitive) Rep. Gov,s destroy our homeland ! But that’s thier aggenda. Please please don’t let it happen! But on the briter side, they will get very very rich from all of us morons. Heck if Bush and Caney can do it, why can’t these guys ?

  • Jedmydog

    Who voted for this bozo.I’m a registered Democratic. Republicans don’t care about the working class all they want is working poor. Or no working. Chuck Gardner that’s my name

  • Fivea

    Yes, I know some personally. Because they are religious fools who believed that just because Kasich claims he is a Christian and sends his girls to a Christian school and he is Republican they voted for him. Uninformed, and blindly led like sheep to a slaughter, he will have the last laugh when they lose their homes due to unemployment. Should you vote, yes but only if you are going to take the time to make an informed decision.

  • Imsmarterthanu

    George W. (Walker) Bush is the son of George H. W. (Herbert Walker) Bush. While he is the eldest son, he is not however a Jr. Maybe you should spend a little time with a teacher, working on proper capitalization along with fact checking!

  • Michele Robinson

    I only wish that John Kasich worked as hard as ANY teacher in the many careers he has had in his work experience…. especially when he worked on Wall St. In addition, I may add, he could not have the stamina or the dedication for such a noble profession as teaching the youngsters of Ohio. Thank you, governor, for the respect you show for the importance of those who deal with shaping the future of our country.

  • Dkjoy11


  • Showsomerespect

    I’d like to see that study.  Cite your source.  I do not feel one person can do the job of many educated people.  (One person can’t know as much math, science, social studies, history, reading, grammar, writing, art, music, etc. as numerous people.) Plus, socialization is often a problem for homeschooled children. 

  • Showsomerespect

    If he home schools his kids, he can’t possibly work for a living.  Maybe he’s on federal assistance?

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