At at a press conference today Kasish decided to tell what he called an “interesting story”. The video is included below.

I’m still working on getting the “interesting story” behind the crazy, Ohio-flag-covered jacket Kasich wore to the event (more information hopefully coming soon), but in the mean time, here’s the “story” he told today:

“I ran into a guy who works for the PUCO, he’s involved with trucks and with licensing and everything and so I found out from a couple of the truckers that when they drive down the road and when they get a little mud on one of their lights and it’s out and they get stopped and I saw this guy and I said look, you don’t have to do that.”

To be honest, I have no clue why a guy from the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, which regulates providers of utility services in the state, would have any authority over a trucker with mud on his tail lights. Update: According to Modern “PUCO regulates commercial trucks, including weight limits”.

I also have no clue why Kasich thinks HE has the authority to tell Ohio’s law enforcement officers which laws they should and shouldn’t enforce. But based on the many statements he’s made since taking office, he seems to think he does.

Here’s the video. (Please enjoy Mary Taylor’s “please shut up now!” look during Kasich’s rant.)