The Dispatch is reporting that Columbus City Schools and the Columbus Education Association have come to an agreement that will save the school district $8 Million dollars in salary next year. They have also projected a total cut of $22 million from next school year’s budget.

The salary savings was accomplished with existing collective bargaining rights and the current step-based pay system in place, and without Kasich’s merit-pay changes to teacher salary.

pay scales, which determine how much money a teacher makes based on how long he or she has worked for the district, will not increase for the next two school years. However, teachers will continue to move up the scale — although more slowly, taking two years to move up to a higher pay instead of one. Moving up a step generally provides around a 4 percent raise for the first 14 years on the job.

Remind me again why we need Kasich’s anti-teacher, anti-union agenda?