Both the PD and the Dispatch decided to run reader polls today to gauge their readers’ feelings about Kasich’s first 100 days in office. Both polls showed nearly the same results.

The Plain Dealer asked: What do you think of the job Kasich’s doing as he nears his 100th day in office?

Over 76% of the nearly ten thousand respondents have chosen “Disapprove” so far.

The Dispatch phrased the question a little differently, but the results are actually more telling. Central Ohio’s paper asked: What grade would you give Gov. John Kasich for his first 100 days in office?

98% of the results fell into either A or F, which tells you how polarizing Kasich’s administration has been so far. And 84% have given him an F, which tells you how much central Ohioans dislike John Kasich.

And poll respondents were anything but polite in describing their choice:

  • Kasich is an embarrassment to Ohio.
  • Kasich is showing his true colors. He is all about making the rich richer and the poor poorer.
  • He’s a cancer, one of the worst pieces of political SCUM in this country.
  • Why can’t we enter anything lower? F— Z would be better…
  • He has no heart. He has no soul. He has no brain.

UPDATE: Fox 45 in Dayton ran a similar poll – same results.

  • Anonymous

    I read many of the postings in the Dispatch, and there were many comments from former Republicans who stated they would never again vote for a Republican. That is telling, IMO. That is a loss of the base for Kasich who will never come back.

  • Anon

    I have a question…Why is Prince John K-suck’s approval so high?? It is unfortunate that people didn’t vote. He really pulled a great long con because now we are stuck with the crap. Now he and his rotten friends are going to use the government as a weapon to take our rights away …..Fasten your seat belt it is going to be a bumpy 4 years minus 100 days.

  • Rick

    didnt see the results in todays PD. Just a feel good story from kasich about his first 100 days

  • Anon

    As responsible citizens we have to be aware of what polls like this really are – and that is non-scientific self selecting polls.

    I’m not saying I like Kasich, or that there isn’t a majority of individuals who disapprove of him. However, a non-scientific self selecting poll about politics is typically going to attract only a few types of people – those politically active, and those already where the poll is taking place. Usually those two sections of people are even the same, even further restricting the population sample.

    It would be reasonable to assume that someone who is in politics would have followed what is going on and is either very happy, or very unhappy with the results. What is far more necessary (and possibly scary) is whether or not the average joe who doesn’t listen for or talk about politics thinks of Kasich. Why? Because if those who do not take time to educate themselves about the politics, policy and ways of manipulation that the politicians employ they are able to be led down the path by those willing to take advantage of them. Individuals such as Kasich.

    So while the majority of those politically active strongly disapprove of Kasich, the rest may be blind to reality, gleefully swallowing the koolaid and willing to vote Kasich in for a second term. Look how many cities have to put up a levy for the schools in the area? In Mount Vernon, for example, there is strong opposition (for various reasons). They don’t care about the schools, they don’t care about the politics. They just care about what they’ve been told – higher taxes means less business means less jobs/profitability. (This of course, does not take into account those angry over the Freshwater case either).

    All in all, I guess the whole point of this lengthy comment is to simply say – be careful what you read, even if it agrees with you. Even if it makes you happy and makes you feel better. Know why it is doing that, explore if it is exploiting you and take everything you see with a grain of salt. But don’t be unwilling to believe either!

  • Miserable failure

  • Miserable failure

  • Cathy in Dayton

    Wonder where all the tea-party internet guerillas were on the day of this survey? 😉

    On a serious note, these new red state governors are darn scary! (That’s my phrase for the day.)

    Rachel Maddow devoted much of last night’s program to the radical agendas these governors are pursuing — so much egregious stuff.

    She reported that over 200 “emergency finance managers” are being trained in Michigan. 200! The city of Benton Harbor has already been taken over by one of these EFMs who has relieved the city’s elected officials of their duties.

    Rachel drew connections between the appointment of this EMF and a previously stymied development project. Briefly, a developer wants to get his hands on a public park that is on Lake Michigan and which was willed to the people of Benton Harbor “in perpetuity” nearly 100 years ago. Understandably, the people of Benton Harbor don’t want to give up their park. This EMF may, however, make this happen.

  • So far… his legislative plan(s), budget proposal(s), and the socioeconomic reasoning behind them amount to political retribution and (economic)-class warfare against the most vulnerable in our society and against our public service workers. Popular notions vs. facts about public service workers’ pay and benefits situation are compared to popular notions vs. facts about private sector workers’ pay and benefits as a rationale for savaging the former for the benefit of the latter. One: those disparities don’t actually exist, and if savaged; two: will benefit no one, but absolutely not the latter. The state ~may~ become a low-wage, low-tax haven for “job-creating” capital investment, but MORE likely will spiral, further, slowly into economic malaise. Either way, it’s a bad deal for the majority of Ohioans.

  • Anonymous

    “Believe nothing that you hear and only half of what you see.”

  • P Carr

    If I were giving Kasich a percentage grade it would be 0%. Honestly, I can’ think of a single thing the man has done since his inauguration that I agree with.

  • Karen Schaefer

    Governor Kasich said up front he doesn’t care what voters think of him, as he’s not seeking a second term. Given that, not sure what impact these polls will have on him.

  • Anon

    No he does care (maybe a monster with a modicum of feelings but not much)…that is why we are paying for his PR tour throughout the state. It’s to try to get people to like him better. The guys here did a story on it last week I think. It was about how he is travelling the state on our dime and how he has put more miles on the state airplane in his 100 days then Strickland did in his entire first year in office. Ichecked the numbers and they are accurate.

    Guess he is travelling to say “screw you” in person with some photo-ops. Prince John K-sick sucks. He can do a lot of damage in 4 years and in that time he will have to run out of Ohio before he gets run out on a rail tarred and feathered.

  • Random Thoughts

    I’d agree with you, except that I’ve seen MANY polls just like this one from all across the state, and ALL of them yield the same results. I’ve yet to see one poll, scientific or otherwise, in which Kasich is lauded as the ‘savior of Ohio’.

    Also, I can’t find a single person who will admit to voting for him… not one. And trust me, I’ve asked. I can only assume that some of them are lying – ashamed of admitting they had a hand in helping this clown get elected. I seriously doubt Ohio will make that mistake twice.

  • Anon

    We can only hope. thanks, missskeptic

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