Note: The following post is one in a series of 5 we’ll be running this week by friend of the blog Greg Mild.  Greg is an educator in Columbus and has agreed to let us publish these as guest posts this week.  We think you’ll find them informative and hope they provoke some good discussion as well.

Yesterday we explored the basics of the stated Tea Party values and I made the first of many “discoveries” that point to the movement being more about opposing Democrats and less about any true ideals.  We continue our look at the ways in which the Tea Party’s hypocrisy begins to show.

Tea Party Discovery #2:  The Government and “Free Markets”

The stated belief of the Tea Party is that “Our current government’s interference distorts the free market” and they “oppose government intervention into the operations of private business.”

I would like to submit five items as evidence of hypocrisy:

1)  Bob Evans CEO Steve Davis said the company has simply outgrown its South High Street location, and needs more room.  “We seriously considered re-locating to Texas, where we own land, and where we have our food products campus,” Davis said. “We could have moved anywhere. We have the financial where withal to go anywhere, but I lived through situations where people lost jobs and that was not going to happen here.”

He said along with incentives offered by New Albany, an $11.8-million incentive package offered by the Kasich administration played a key role in the company’s decision.  Kasich said that the state is bleeding jobs, and tax incentives will be necessary to keep companies like Bob Evans in the state.

PB:  Are our state tax dollars going to pay to reduce Bob Evans’ CEO’s commute?

2) American Greetings Corp. has decided to keep its world headquarters in Northeast Ohio, a move that drew praise from local leaders but also touched off a potential bidding war among communities that want to attract the Fortune 1000 employer. The 105-year-old greeting card maker rejected the possibility of moving to Illinois but said Monday that it has not decided whether to remain in Brooklyn or move to another suburb.  Ohio will provide a package of grants, loans and tax rebates worth a potential $93.5 million over 15 years to keep American Greetings here. Some of the incentives will come through tax reform legislation Gov. John Kasich signed into law Monday at American Greetings’ headquarters.

PB:  Bob Evans/American Greetings: Is this REALLY economic development or corporate economic extortion?

3)  Kasich did, however, tout his ‘Jobs Ohio’ plan as a way to bolster business and reduce unemployment. The plan would essentially privatize the Ohio Department of Development and create a new, private Economic Development Board for the state.  Kasich said, “Because you get smart people in business who are talking to people in business and convincing them this is a great place to do things and can talk to them about there needs so we can respond to them.” The governor says his plan, along with incentives for new business will get Ohio where it needs to be to be more competitive with other states.


JobsOhio Legislative Analysis, Pt. 1: Transparent as Mud at Midnight

JobsOhio Legislative Analysis, Pt.2: Culture of Corruption, Inc.

JobsOhio Legislative Analysis, Pt. 3: John Kasich on the law of public records—“Trust me.”

JobsOhio Legislative Analysis, Pt. 4: At Culture of Corruption, Inc., you can lobby WHILE you work…

4)  The bill that would allow Gov. John Kasich to transform the Department of Development into a private, nonprofit corporation drew plenty of questions from lawmakers yesterday about the transparency and oversight of an entity that could hand out more than a $1billion a year in business incentives. (

5)  To better serve the people of Ohio, the legislature passed House Bill 1, creating JobsOhio, which is a nonprofit public/private partnership designed to make traditional economic development its sole focus. The bill, signed by Governor John Kasich, will remove governmental barriers and allow JobsOhio to move at the speed of business, creating a faster, more efficient entity that will create and save Ohio jobs and improve the state’s return on investment. (Book One: The Budget Book, State of Ohio)

These five examples should have the Tea Party leading the charge to institute a recall provision for the Ohio Governor based upon their stated values.  At the very least, the Tea Party should be picketing John Kasich’s every move.  Maybe that’s why there are flame wars on their message boards about SB5 and why their events are less and less attended.  Is it possible that those who formerly stood in crowds ranting about big government have finally smelled the hypocrisy the GOP is cooking?

Maybe this is why last night on her show, Rachel Maddow all but said the Tea Party was dead:

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  • Xx

    Shorter version: The tea party is a bunch of hypocrites. We knew that already. What I want to hear about is who is running this thing in Ohio. Name names and get the dirt.

  • Xx

    Shorter version: The tea party is a bunch of hypocrites. We knew that already. What I want to hear about is who is running this thing in Ohio. Name names and get the dirt.

  • Xx

    Shorter version: The tea party is a bunch of hypocrites. We knew that already. What I want to hear about is who is running this thing in Ohio. Name names and get the dirt.

  • Fotogirlcb2002

    Wheres the proof these companies are leaving? I can say hes smart– doesnt make it so ……
    has it only been 100 days………for real?
    seems 100 years ………………………………

  • Freddavisretail

    Shocking meat video!

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  • Annekarima

    Hmmm….well…..”One thing I’ve learned in the last 7 years is that there is always a con and there’s always a victim. The trick is to learn when yo are the latterso you can become the former.” Jake Green

  • Chris Littleton

    Posted by Chris Littleton, Co-Founder, Ohio Liberty Council – a coalition of over 70 liberty minded organizations throughout Ohio – yes, many are tea party groups.

    Tea party hypocrisy? That’s a curious way to talk about things which “tea party” groups did not back or support in any way, shape or form.

    Here is some reality – corporate favors and subsidies, in addition to the vast majority of grants at state and federal levels should END regardless of who benefits.

    I prefer an even playing field for all citizens and organizations under equal rule of law. This is something in which we have been incredibly consistent. The progressives on the left and corporate statists in the GOP are the ones happy to sell out taxpayers for special interests and inequalities.

    Just because we don’t have unlimited sums of time, money and resources and because we are comprised of all volunteers – don’t confuse a lack of time with a departure from principles.

    We just spent the last couple weeks being ridiculously tough on inconsistencies in DC Republicans on CR and Budget talks. Where is that hypocrisy to which you elude?

    Here is one of a countless list of articles from us calling out GOP and Dem lawmakers for their lack of perspective. Open editorial on federal budget:

    Or maybe this one on DC as whole, including Republicans – especially Bush Republicans (the worst kind):

    Or perhaps this Rolling Stone feature on Boehner, where I was very honest on my thoughts about Congress.

    Or how about foreign policy and military spending. Got you covered there as well. I recently did a radio interview on defense spending and foreign policy. The Harvard political scientist on the show with me couldn’t believe what I was saying, because he’d put me into that box you reference above. This article summarizes the radio interview, but a link to the radio interview is also included:

    I’m libertarian by philosophy. And, that is what the tea party movement is really about – the fundamental limitation of government in all of our lives. In this, we could not be more consistent.

    Leave the echo chamber and you may just be surprised. If anyone is open to meeting with me in Cincinnati or Columbus, I’d be happy to discuss “tea party” stuff or any other subjects – just let me know.

    Chris Littleton
    Co-Founder, Ohio Liberty Council

  • gmild

    Some interesting links about how you have shared your opinions about national politics. I was interested in reading your commentaries about John Kasich’s politics on Ohio, especially since you are an Ohio group, but I was unable to find any among the postings on your site. Could you post a link to your condemnation of John Kasich’s Budget proposal and his choices to ignore constitutional law? As with the content of the post, these seem so contrary to your beliefs and so negative for Ohio citizens, I can only imagine the vitriolic response that the Ohio Liberty Council must have published.

    Looking forward to your post!

  • gmild

    Sorry for the confusion. I wasn’t asking you to spend time putting together something new, I was simply asking if you would share the documents The Ohio Liberty Council has already published as critical analyses of Governor Kasich’s budget proposal (e.g., his reduction of funding to local school districts without a corresponding tax reduction).

    I wasn’t trying to put additional work on you, I was simply asking if you’d be willing to share these foundational documents about the current political landscape in Ohio, especially John Kasich’s war on liberty.

  • Lady Liberty

    Dear Chris,

    This is indeed a very thought provoking reply and I am pleased to have read your response…for I agree with you whole heartedly.

    I am a former democrat now independent; but libertarian I am finding to the very core; along with a lot of my family which seem to be moving from democrat to libertarian.

    We do belong to the tea party and project 912 project; my family also voted all republican last election my family voted for Obama, next election we will vote him out.

    The current administration, while in campaign mode promised a 50% reduction in our deficit.

    We see by his actions this was never his intention, he spends money without an end in sight… our economy is on the brink of collapse.

    In fact this administration seems to be anti-business, anti drilling, believes in over regulation, climate control …

    But everything is done to the detriment of America. Americans are tired of this rhetoric…actions speak louder than words

    This article “A Tea Party Primer” reflects such blatant disregard for an entity with malice that leads me to believe the author knows nothing of what we stand for.

    The author threads a voice of not only disrespect for our country but the very people that are trying hard to protect the freedoms and liberties of this country

    By desiring a smaller more manageable government that does not pick winners or losers and we believe in innovation and self reliance, we are perceived as democratic bashers.

    We do not want a nanny state that believes in a cradle to grave existence that government controls.

    We do not desire a government that wants the redistribution of wealth, with a socialistic view, thanks but no thanks.

    There is something to be said for self reliance and personal responsibility that is what has made this nation great, as well prosperous.

    Thank you for addressing some of the articles misnomers and setting them straight, again my heartfelt thank you.


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