Kasich Lied

Kasich didn’t last an entire week without getting caught telling a whopper of a tale.  At the end of his first week in office, Governor Kasich called a press conference to declare that his new Ohio EPA director had resolved in a matter of a two days an air permit for an Ohio manufacturer that had "languished" due to bureacratic delays for twenty months.

The only problem was that people at the Ohio EPA got upset being thrown under the bus, when what had actually occurred was they were asked to give the Administration an air permit that was ready to be signed.  The Cleveland Plain Dealer‘s PolitiFact would report that it was the company, not the Strickland Administration that was dragging its feet.

And so began Kasich’s war against truthiness (not a definitive list):

I’ll say it again, John Kasich wouldn’t know the truth if it walked up to him wearing a name badge.

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