We knew Republicans would be looking for ways to help defeat the SB5 referendum in the fall, and it looks like they’ve come up with a new one: jump on the tea party bandwagon and help to put an anti-health care amendment on the ballot in November.

In early 2010 tea baggers in Ohio formed The Ohio Project in an attempt to get a constitutional amendment on the ballot in Ohio that would effectively block the national health care law from impacting Ohioans. They tried to put it on the ballot in 2010 but they couldn’t come up with the needed signatures. They have been collecting signatures non-stop for almost a year now and they are still pretty far from their goal.

I’ve seen them at fairs and festivals throughout the state with their anti-Pelosi and anti-Obama signs but they hardly ever seemed like a serious organization. Judging by their signature gathering results so far I think my impression was pretty accurate. It looks likes they are going to get some help from the Ohio Republican Party.

I just got an email from ORP Chairmain DeWine asking me to donate twenty five bucks to help put the Health Care Freedom Amendment on the ballot in November. I assume this money will go to help pay for signature gathering, and man could the Ohio Project folks use it.

While I understand the GOP’s goal here: put another, more conservative initiative on the ballot to help bring out voters who are more likely to vote against the SB5 repeal, it honestly seems like a huge waste of money. I haven’t seen any polling on this proposed amendment but it seems to me they might as well just spend the money renting a bunch of buses to drive tea baggers to the polls in November.

Here’s the email from the ORP:

Fellow Ohioan,
It was March 23, 2010 when President Obama signed his health care bill into law. Against the will of the American people, the President and Democratic Congress unleashed one of the worst pieces of legislation our country has ever seen.
In reaction to the President’s praise of Obamacare in his deficit speech last week, the Wall Street Journal labeled the law a “new multitrillion-dollar entitlement” and a harm to job creation.

Commit a gift of $25 now so that we can strengthen our effort to put the Health Care Freedom Amendment on the November ballot.

In partnership with the Ohio Project, we are fighting to preserve the freedom of Ohioans to individually choose their health care and health insurance. Today, April 18, 2011, we ask that you join us.

Support a constitutional amendment to protect Ohioans against Obamacare’s burdening government mandates.

  • The Dems need to come out swinging on this. Tie these efforts to those of the neopiggiies in DC wanting to eliminate Medicare for seniors. Now THAT’S a death panel!

  • Xx

    Will signing with fake names help or hurt them?

  • Considering who the AG and SoS are, I doubt the signatures will be closely scrutinized like they will on the SB5 referendum petition. So, probably help them, is what I’m getting at.

  • jim

    you signing a false entry or duplicate entries is committing voter fraud.

  • Anonymous

    Ahh, the new get-out-the-vote wedge issue, right out of the Rove tap-me-some-homophobes handbook.

    I agree that this needs to be exposed for what it is: The Freedom To Lose Your Health Care amendment. Or how about, “The Death Amendment”?

    What’s funny is Obama’s health care bill will trim the deficit, the Tea Party’s boogeyman. They should embrace it. But it’s not really about the deficit, is it? It’s about the uppity black man in The White House who doesn’t know his place.

  • Schmajo

    Congressman Ryan’s budget proposal would privatetize Medicare (in 10 years or so). Does his proposal require insurance companies to cover every 65-year old, even with pre-exisitng conditions? And, if so, is every person required to purchase insurance at age 65 (in order to spread the risk)? And, if so, isn’t that what supposedly is Unconstitutional about “ObamaCare?” And, if coverage at age 65 is not mandated, who pays for healthcare for the poor, sick, uninsured ol person? Someone help me understand.

  • Palliddh

    A design proposal for a positive advertising campaign for national healthcare

    A photo of a church pew with seated everyday-looking people; thought balloons over the heads of some of the people are phrases like:
    – his 5 year old daughter just diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and he is worrying about how to pay for the daily insulin
    A photo of people seated on a bus; there are thought balloons over the head of some of the people are phrases like:
    – has felt a lump under her arm but knows she can not pay for a breast exam
    A photo of adults in the bleachers watching a kids’ baseball game: there are thought balloons over the head of some of the people are phrases like:
    – hasn’t been to a doctor for five years, can’t afford it
    A photo of people standing in an unemployment line: there are thought balloons over the head of some of the people are phrases like:
    – takes care of her elderly mother with Alzheimer’s

    You get the picture…

  • publichealthgirl

    In Congressman Ryan’s plan, the poor, sick, and old just die. Then we don’t have to incure the expense of taking care of them. It is sad, but that is what his propaganda should be saying: save money by letting those without just die off. What Congressman Ryan fails to realize is that a society takes care of it’s people. All of them. If we stop doing that, we turn from a society into a loose collection of individuals who are all out for ourselves. The results will not be pretty.

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