ONN’s Jim Heath just tweeted that Governor Kasich is supporting Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour for President.

This is the same Haley Barbour who got a * by his name in the most recent CNN poll because he didn’t even manage to get 1% of the Republicans who they polled to say they supported him.

Remember that during the campaign, Kasich touted the endorsement of Mike Huckabee, who actually is tied in CNN’s poll with Donald Trump at the head of the ticket.  However, there’s speculation that Huckabee doesn’t want to give up the lucrative gigs he’s got now that he couldn’t keep during a run for the Presidency (like his show on Fox News, for example.)

Then there was Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels, who Jon Keeling practically got the vapors just thinking about him running against Obama.  But he, too, is questionable about a run.

Mitt Romney also campaigned with John Kasich and Mary Taylor:

He is most definitely running.  Former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty also campaign for Governor Kasich, Kasich’s campaign proudly touted his endorsement in this campaign video:

Pawlenty is polling at the back of the pack, but still averaging three times as much support as Haley Barbour.

[UPDATE:] I, of course, missed another slight by Kasich making this endorsement.  During the campaign, Kasich brought in his former Republican political partner in the 1990s, former Speaker Newt Gingrich:

So why does John Kasich support Haley Barbour?

imageHow helpful?  How about $11 million in paid political advertisements last year?  Barbour was the head of the Republican Governors Association (RGA) last year which boasted after Kasich narrowly won how its spent $11 million in those “Strickland didn’t get the jobs done” ads.

John Kasich is supporting Haley Barbour for President for one reason only: because he believes he owes Barbour something for all that financial support he gave him.  Donate $11 million to Kasich’s cause and he’ll support you to be the next President of the United States.  He’s supporting a candidate who right now doesn’t even look to be a real contender for the GOP nomination and may not even last until South Carolina, which is the first round of GOP primaries.  It’s not Barbour’s policies or anything else.  Kasich didn’t even say he’s supporting Barbour because he’s the best candidate in the field.  He’s doing it because Barbour owns the Governor.

What does that say about Kasich’s attitude to other financial donors who want to get the snouts in the trough?