After spending all of last year promoting the candidacy of John Kasich, Portage County Tea Party activist Tom Zawistowski now is trying to turn the Tea Party organizations of Ohio into a major player in Ohio politics.  Today, he announced that he his organizing a Tea Party State convention in Ohio in July.  And just look at the sponsors list on the convention’s website:

Tea Party Convention PlannersAmericans for Prosperity, the Heritage Foundation, and the totally non-political Buckeye Institute.

According to the Dispatch:

“The purpose of the statewide convention shall be to recruit, educate and motivate Ohio citizens at the grassroots level to perform their constitutionally defined role in the governance of their townships, municipalities, and counties, as well as in our state and nation, by providing opportunities, knowledge and training to ensure limited constitutional governance,” Tom Zawistowski, president of We the People Convention, Inc., said in a statement.

Zawistowski also announced that he’s forming a new political action committee (PAC) called Ohio Citizens PAC.  Expect this organization to be a point of entry for ton of out-of-state corporate money to oppose the referendum on SB 5.  The SB 5 proponents desperately need a “grassroots” entity to try to sell SB 5 is not fueled by corporate interests… like the Buckeye Institute and Americans for Prosperity is.

In other news, Zawistowski’s already booked his keynote speaker:

Do they not know what happens when you let Dick Morris attend a party convention?  He’s their keynote speaker for their new PAC fundraiser.  And although not a single have confirmed, Zawistowski is billing the PAC fundraising events as a chance to meeting ‘12 GOP Presidential contenders.  Their second PAC fundraising dinner is non-refundable after June 1.

Yep, for $60 you can have dinner while listening to the prostitute toe sucking Fox News political consultant who right before the 2008 elections suggested  that Obama would carry Tennessee and that Hillary couldn’t win re-election in 2006 against Jeanine Pirro… who dropped out the race after badly trailing the polls.

But just because these groups are listed as sponsors doesn’t mean they’re “behind” the convention, right Zawistowski?

From that point Zawistowski held talks with patriot leaders around the state, as well as with groups like Freedom Works, the Cato Institute, the Heritage Foundation, and Americans for Prosperity, to determine the purpose and strategic value of a convention and how it fit with goals of the TEA Party movement in Ohio and with the political calendar. Based on that input a plan was formulated, not just for the Convention, but for the next two years.

Yeah, nothing to see here, right?

Zawistowski, you might recall, was the Tea Party leader whose organization paid to bus Tea Party activists with the stated goal to “surround the Statehouse” to show support for SB 5 to counter pro-labor protests against the bill.

This is what he got for his trouble:


So, we’re talking about a guy who’s talked a bigger game than he’s been able to deliver in the past.  Remember, this was supposed to be a rally of 8,000.

He was also the Tea Party leader who then blasted the committee assignment games the Senate GOP had to engage in order to pass SB 5 out of the Senate.

  • Eduate, eh? Their mistake, or the Dispatch’s?

  • Anonymous

    Um, I dunno. LOL. It looks like the Dispatch’s.

  • Madashell

    Educate…now there’s an interesting word choice…I prefer to call it indoctrinate??? I was at that rally and the most any of them could say was, “Our kids deserve the best and the brightest.” I don’t think anyone in Ohio would disagree, however if you want to attract the best and the brightest you don’t cut their pay as HB69 would have it and you don’t take away their job security as SB5 does (DUH)??? Wasn’t it Kasich himself who justified his $130,000 staffer by saying, “You want the best, you gotta pay them?” These people don’t even know what they are supporting, they are walking ambiguities!

  • Ohioteachertales

    Go to the Columbus Tea Party site and find their anti-union page…. You’ll find scads of self-proclaimed Tea Party members who jumped ship because of SB 5. SB 5 cuts across all party affiliations but the TP central planning committees don’t seem to get that.

  • Wow. You are right. Here is a link:

    Great comments.

  • Anonymous

    Verrrrry interesting. Of the 106 comments, I read only 2 other than the administrator’s in support of SB 5. Thanks.

    If SB 5 has one slight silver lining, it’s that the Ohio Tea Party may well wither and die (or at least have significantly reduced influence). One can only hope.

  • Annekarima

    Dick Morris? We can remember how well toe sucking worked out in Texas for the royals. This Zawistowski person of interest here think he is Goebbels or something, using all those “institutes of higher brainwashing”?

  • That certainly isn’t outside the realm of possibility. Ben Marrisson has no idea what the press is for, it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that he wasn’t all that hot on grammar, either.

  • buckeyekelly

    Considering the unconstitutionality of more than half of the bills being introduced by the new Republican Ohio House, I would think the “tea” partiers have more in common with progressives than they would think.

    More cabinet posts
    Higher staff salaries
    More corporate welfare
    More government intrusion in health care (abortion prohibition bills)
    New rules in how the government can negotiate contracts
    Closed government meetings
    Better access to lobbying and special interest groups
    More government rules affecting our right to vote, mobilize, donate to political causes

    But if I attempt for more than 5 minutes to convince a “tea” partier that we’re more alike than we are dissimiliar, one of our heads will explode and money’s on mine.

  • Anonymous

    Americans for Prosperity was founded and funded by Koch Bros.

  • I live in this state and outside a few urban centers.. Its basically a state of Racist Hillbillies.. or as the Locals call’em Hilljacks. So, the tea party has a lot to work with.. The stupid and the Country.. The problem with Hilljacks is that they are also Lazy.. If he offered free beer or something the Statehouse woulda been surrounded 7 fold.. I thank god everyday I live in the city… because 20 minutes outside most urban areas is a scary place for a normal person.. yeehah.. sigh

  • Anastasjoy

    Actually, Madashell, that was his $170,000 a year staffer who was lavished with $47,000 a year pay increase over what Strickland’s chief of staff got.

  • clambake

    There are plenty of “tea party patriots” that live in urban areas. Some are even professionals! This does not make their ideas any less reprehensible (or the individual more worthy of respect). Attack the message, not the messenger. We don’t do any favors to our side when we dismiss them as “Hilljacks”. No need to play the elitist role in the script constructed by the conservative media.
    I’ll get off my high horse now. But really– there are some beautiful places to visit outside of urban areas. Don’t be afraid. This city dweller needs to get out of the city sometimes.

  • Lucie

    Does anyone ever take Dick Morris seriously? Toe sucking leads to mental meltdown I guess — leave it to babies sucking their own cute toes, please.

  • Madashell

    My apologies for the misquote of the staffer’s salary, either way both are astonishing considering the current state of Ohio affairs. Just keeps getting better and better.

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