As Brian discussed a few days ago Senator Seitz has been kicked off the government oversight committee, which he chaired, for disagreeing with Governor Kasich on SB5.

While Senate President Niehaus has taken responsibility for Seitz’s removal as committee chair, everyone knows Kasich was the motivating force behind the decision, and everyone knows the reason why, including Seitz:

“I will not speak to the motivation behind it because it was not my decision,” Seitz said. “But having been removed from one committee weeks ago and now being removed from another, it brings to mind res ipsa loquitur, which in Latin means ‘the thing speaks for itself.’”

Kasich punishing people who oppose him shouldn’t surprise anyone. Plunderbund spent the entire campaign highlighting example upon example of Kasich acting like a gigantic ass. And since he’s become Governor things have only gotten worse.

A police officer gives Kasich a ticket and two years later he’s still ranting to anyone who will listen about what “an idiot” the officer was.

The teachers’ unions opposed Kasich during the last election and he promises to break their backs if they don’t take out a full page ad apologizing.

An EPA employee talks to the press about one of Kasich’s lies and he forces the entire staff of the agency to come to Columbus so he can berate them.

Of course, that wasn’t enough for Angry John so then proceeded to push a legislative agenda that completely screws teachers, police officers and every state worker.

We’ve seen it time and time again: If you cross John Kasich, you WILL feel his wrath. If you cross John Kasich, he will not forget. He’s like a big, angry, vindictive, awesome-memory-having elephant who has suddenly found himself in a position of power; a pissed-off pachyderm with pointy tusks running through town gouging out the hearts of anyone who ever looked at him the wrong way.

First-hand accounts from multiple sources show that even more nasty behavior is happening behind the scenes.

For example, one of the first things Kasich did when he was elected Governor was to send his lackeys around the state to send a warning to Ohio’s lobbying firms: if you hire Strickland staffers will get ignored by the new administration.

He did the same thing with some of Ohio’s industry associations, going so far as to insist they fire people they had already hired if they wanted a seat at the table.

He has even hunted down and fired state employees who were hired by Governor Strickland. Going so far as the reclassify the positions they held to enable him to fire them. And he’s threatened long-serving classified employees in order to get them to reveal the names of Strickland appointees during his witch hunt.

And the angry and vindictive behavior isn’t constrained by party lines. I’ve also heard Kasich threatened legislators from his own party to get them to vote for SB5 and now he’s punishing the ones who didn’t heed his warning.

We tried to warn you. We really did. And we weren’t the only ones. Example after example of Kasich’s dickish behavior was revealed during the campaign, including a long list in an article by Lyndsey Teeter of the Other Paper who asked her readers:Does Ohio need an SOB as Governor?

Not surprisingly, this is exactly what we ended up with.