John Kasich came into office promising to “move at the speed of business” to increase investment in Ohio and help bring back jobs lost as a result of the national recession.

As part of his highly touted economic development efforts Kasich has so far managed to spend millions of state dollars to keep two Ohio-based companies in Ohio – companies who were never really considering leaving the state – companies who weren’t even planning on expanding their operations.

Meanwhile billions of dollars of new investment has been ready to flow into Ohio, money that would create thousands of decent-paying jobs (the salaries are much higher than Bob Evans), but it has been delayed while John Kasich sits on his hands.

According to the PD, investors are getting pissed off.

While Kasich has been pushing to give state money to Bob Evans to help move their headquarters across town, new investment in Ohio’s casinos, and the thousands of jobs they would create, has stalled and investors directly blame our new “jobs” Governor.

Matt Cullen, president and chief operating officer of Rock Gaming has been trying to close financing deals for over ONE BILLION DOLLARS of construction but the lenders have told him Kasich’s inaction makes them leery of lending.

Matt Cullen, president and chief operating officer of Dan Gilbert’s casino company, Rock Gaming.
“The lenders have said, ‘We love you guys. We love these projects,’ ” Cullen said. “But we don’t understand the noise coming out of Columbus. What does it mean

“It’s becoming a real problem for us,” he said. “It doesn’t work – we have to have certainty around these projects or we can’t embark on the process.”

Kasich’s official response on the matter just confirms the investors’ fears:

Kasich spokesman Rob Nichols said the governor will not make the decision about fees and taxes until he hires a gaming expert to advise state officials on their options, so that the industry succeeds in Ohio.

Kasich came into office promising to be the jobs governor and promising to bring the full power of the private sector to the Statehouse in order to solve all of Ohio’s economic woes.

Meanwhile billions of dollars of investment is being delayed because Kasich can’t find a gambling expert? All those years at Lehman and he can’t find anyone who knows anything about the gaming industry?

Maybe his jobs guru Marc Kvamme should be spending his free time looking for a casino expert instead of riding around on motorcycles. I guess you get what you pay for.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: “Speed of Business” my ass.

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