So if you’re suffering from insomnia this is for you. For you normal people you’ll read this when normal people wake up on Sunday. As Modern warned earlier, we had the site down for just under 2 hours to make some site changes that we think will make the site better on a number of levels.

Some of the things that are gone:

  • Big bright orange background! We’ve heard from multiple people that this made it hard for them to check the site at work because of the nuclear type glow from the bright orange background. Suffer no more!
  • Blogad placements.  We’ve reduced the standard blogad column to just one.  Our focus for advertising is going to be on more standard sized banners from both Google Adsense and sales of ads in-house.

Things we kept:

  • Disqus.  We have a very vibrant commenting community and we think the Disqus platform is perfect for managing comments and displaying them on the site.  We’ve upgraded our account to allow us to view analytics as well as allow real time updating.  You should be able to see new comments as they happen without refreshing the page.

Things we added:

  • Featured post area.  Front and center on the new site is a featured post area.  For some time now we’ve wanted a way to keep posts that we thought important in front of our readers.  Some times our post volumes buries those posts.  Our only option up to know was to pin a post to the top of the chronologically ordered list.  Now we have a nice graphical way of drawing attention to such pieces.
  • Ads!  Yes.  We’ve added some ad spots.  Right now they are Adsense placements via Google, but eventually we hope to make these top two placements regular ads from key sponsors of the site.  We may make some adjustments to the placements over time as well.  Advertising support of the site will be important to help us continue to do what we do.
  • Store.  Right now the “Store” link goes to the PlunderTees page talking about our Skreened account.  Coming very soon will be a full on PlunderStore where you’ll be able to get all kinds of gear including T shirts, bags, hats, bumper stickers, and all kinds of good stuff.  We’ll have PB branded merchandise as well as other political gear.

We hope you like the new look and value your thoughts.  Hit the comments and let us know what you think.  You can also always email us all by using crew AT  One of us (or all heaven forbid) will reply promptly!

We continue to appreciate your support and hope to continue to develop the site in a direction that will benefit both reader and PB alike.  We love you guys.  Thanks!

A special thanks to Plundermonkey Brian G. for putting in extra time behind the scenes to get all of this working.