I just got home from today’s rally at the Statehouse and I have to say I was impressed. This was definitely one of the best organized rallies I have been to so far – and I’ve been to almost all of them. Unofficial estimates put attendance at over 11,000, they had a good line-up of speakers and the crowd was fired up. More importantly, the effort to sign up signature gatherers for the referendum effort was in full swing.

With this level of organization and this level of enthusiasm, I fully expect SB5 referendum signatures gathered in record time.

As always, teachers had the best signs.

  • MissGov

    I agree – the turnout was simply awesome!

  • The_artist_19

    In all honesty, Kasich is more Two Face than the Joker.

  • Fotogirlcb2002

    LOL what great signs — who spoke —

  • Wish I could have been there but I just couldn’t. Love the fact that there was such a great turn out. Have another one and I’ll be there! I also will go around for signatures as soon as we can. And if we need I’ll also help petition for a referendum on the budget bill too.

  • Madashell

    Should have had a sign that said, “Liar, Liar, hope your house doesn’t catch on fire (the firefighters are all busy working their second job)!!!”

  • Madashell

    Would have loved to have been there myself, but I was busy listing my house. If HB69 passes before I sell, I will be joining the thousands in foreclosure!!!

  • aek loves obama

    Thanks for covering the event, Joseph. It was great. The rain even held off until it was done.
    Great pics!

  • gailteach

    I was wondering if you know what controversial amendments were added to HB 36. I can’t seem to get a straight answer and have trouble going through it all.

  • aeklovesobama

    FYI: There was minimal coverage by the local TV news and the local paper. I wonder why? Could it be that it makes the radical Rethugs look bad? Is it that the newspapers report the news when it makes the evil R’s look good? If it was a teagbag party with 11k people, might it have been reported live as “breaking news”…..inquiring minds want to know?

  • Anonymous

    There’s collective bargaining in the private sector, too.

    Most people who lose their jobs do so for reasons wholly unrelated to their performance. Police, firefighters, nurses, and prison guards only work 180 days a year? Wow, that’s so… wait a second, that’s not true. No, sir, I think you’re pulling a fast one there.

    SB 5 won’t do anything to get bad teachers out of the profession. Not a thing.

  • Anonymous

    What’s your point? I mean, I’m glad to you in WI and all, but we’re a different State dealing with a much worse bill, in a much more challenging political environment.

    I’m glad you think WI is going well, but at the end of the day, you’re labor bill will stil be law. Even if Prosser is defeated and you recall every GOP Senator you seek, you’re still going to have Walker’s budget bill on the books for the foreseeable future. We, at least, have a chance to take this bill out before it becomes law.

    Stop trying to make this a competition between the good guys in your state and ours. It’s not.

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