Joe Vardon, the Dispatch’s new political reporter, is turning out to be a pretty good addition to the team.

Don’t get me wrong: I still completely disagree with almost everything the Dispatch produces in terms of editorials. And the editorial staff responsible for writing headlines never misses a chance to showcase their Republican bias. But Joe’s reporting, so far, has turned out to be pretty balanced.

Take for example today’s article about school funding.

If you were to believe the editor-created headline for the article, then you would think Kasich’s latest “proposal would save schools $229 million”. But if you read 3 paragraphs in, you realize that the “savings” comes at a cost. Schools may be saving money, but the burden is now placed squarely on the backs of teachers, who will be paying for the “savings” by forcing teachers take a 2% paycut.

The headline SHOULD have been “Kasich proposal forces teachers to take a 2% percent paycut”. Not in the Dispatch.

This editorial bias has long been a complaint of mine, and really should be reflected in the Dispatch’s tagline: The Columbus Dispatch, decent writing with horribly skewed headlines and editorials.

It’s going to take a lot to convince me to resubscribe to the Dispatch. If I ever do, I would certainly like to be able to credit Mr. Vardon’s balanced political reporting as one of the reasons. I know it’s wishful thinking, but I really hope his presence will result in some small improvements to the paper’s conservative bias.

Welcome aboard, Joe. Keep up the good work.


As a reader points out, the true cost to teachers could be up to 5% if HB69 is passed:

HB 69 (I believe that’s the bill) on pension reform was already looking to push my contributions to 13%. So the REAL story here is that if HB 69 passes as is, and his proposal to have employers drop 2% and us to pick that up that 2% then I am going to 15% from 10%. That’s a real 5% pay decrease and news reports say that it also will leave the system underfunded — which cannot happen by law.