The Columbus Dispatch reported this morning that Powell Christian School, the elementary school that Kasich’s daughters attend is closing due to declining enrollment and budgetary issues.  More specifically:

Like other private and parochial schools, Worthington Christian receives some state money, which is used for tutoring and textbooks and other educational materials, Bookheimer said.

The current two-year state budget enacted during Gov. Ted Strickland’s administration cut funding to private schools. Now, Worthington Christian "may be impacted by a decrease in state money" under Kasich’s proposed budget and also faces declining enrollment, Bookheimer said.

The school this year had an operational deficit of $205,000.  They’re projecting that increases to more than $225,000 thanks to Kasich’s budget.  (Luckily, the Kasich girls are set to leave the school next year anyways because they’re moving up to intermediate school.)

I, for one, blame the damn teacher unions there.  Free market and all that.

In all seriousness though, this kind of disruption in a child’s education that is caused by volatile “fly-by-night” private schools is precisely what’s wrong with the for-profit charter school system where there’s even more instability.  And yet, Kasich’s budget rewards them even though the charter school system, as a whole, underperforms the public school system as a whole in Ohio.

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