[UPDATE:]  We got some additional cities and updated contact information for a couple of places.  So if you didn’t find one near you before, check again!

Just in case you still needed information about how to catch a bus to Columbus for Saturday’s “We Are Ohio” rally at noon-3 p.m. at the Statehouse in Columbus, we’re keep this post at the top of the site through Friday:


City Location
Contact Name Contact Phone
Toledo 2300 Ashland Ave. 9 a.m. Dan (717) 649-3052
*NEW* 2300 Ashland Ave.   Mike (419) 893-4677
*NEW* 5400 Jackman Rd.   Mike (419) 893-4677
  5411 Madison Ave. 8 a.m. (with stop in Bowling Green Meijer @ 2111 Wooster Street) Robin (419) 344-1040
29781 Oregon Rd.   Mike (419) 893-4677
2120 Baltimore St.   Mike (419) 893-4677
Cleveland 1771 E. 30th St. 9 a.m. Kameahle (410) 746-7219
  1466 St. Clair Ave. 9 a.m. Lynnie (216) 246-6352
3114 S. Hayes Ave.   Mike (419) 893-4677
5615 Chevrolet Blvd.   Mike (419) 893-4677
Sheffield Village
3151 Abbe Rd.   Mike (419) 893-4677
Youngstown 325 Youngstown-Warren Rd. (Niles) 8:30 a.m. Jessie (717) 350-1501
  3321 Mahoning Ave. 8 a.m. Curt
(330) 720-6643
(330) 782-6915
11471 Reuther Dr. SW (Warren)   Mike (419) 893-4677
Akron 720 Wolf Ledges Pkwy # 207 9 a.m. Jessie (717) 350-1501
1440 Bellefontaine Ave.   Mike (419) 893-4677
2510 W. Fourth St.   Mike (419) 893-4677
Canton 3919 13th St., SW 9:30 a.m. Jessie (717) 350-1501
Dayton 4127 E. 2nd St. 10 a.m. Stacey (937) 823-6755
Cincinnati 1213 Tennessee Ave. 9:30 a.m. Alan (443) 904-2346
  Jordan Crossing, 7030 Reading Rd. (by library) 9:30 a.m. Marjorie (513) 271-6527
Athens 28 Moore Ave. 9:30 a.m. Delbert (513) 218-2141
Marietta *NEW* Kroger’s @40 Acme St.   Kathleen (614) 570-8834
Portsmouth 110 Offnere St. 9:30 a.m. Cherice (740) 464-1911
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  • We can’t come but sing and shout for us! We will be out on the country roads getting signatures the minute we are trained and assigned our petition sheets. The work begins again!

  • Annekarima

    Oh folks, I support you, but I am working tomorrow. However, my sick humor came out this morning. I grew up here in Ohio on a dairy farm. Once the dairy farmers joined a union and decided to strike. The radio stations played Herman Hermits’ “No Milk Today” constantly. Back then the phrase, “the company was gay, we turned night into day” meant something different, I think.
    Bella Ciao!

  • Anonymous

    Considering the electoral debacle in Wisconsin (GOP candidate hiring the Bush Florida recount team then, within 24 hours, an ultra-conservative county “finding” thousands of votes for said candidate — I won’t go into all the past electoral shennanigans of that county’s elections clerk, but trust me, she’s shady) it appears that trusting the election process as a remedy to this shock-and-awe attack on working people is misguided. Power does not concede so easily.

    The only real remedy may be large-scale demonstrations like this one tomorrow. They are now gathering in many states. Sixteen people were arrested yesterday in Olympia, Wash.

    Man, we need a Martin Luther King. There’s not really a face to the movement, which I think keeps it abstract to many observers. It’s just “teachers, firefighters and police.” Categories, job descriptions — not real people, not “me” (or even potentially “me”). That allows people to overlook the real human consequences of this little rich-man’s war on working folk.

    On Sunday, the focus off all the discussion will be the numbers. How many showed up Saturday? That will be the gauge.

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