Here’s State Senator Joe Schiavoni (D-Canfield) on Fox News to talk about SB 5.  Bill Hemmer cannot believe Schiavoni’s allegation that Kasich ever talked about “breaking labor’s back” during the campaign because… well, they’ve never gotten him to say that on Fox News??

Except it totally happened, Kasich even admitted during the campaign to it to saying that to Ashtabula County Republicans in 2009.  Hemmer focuses more on this quote, which isn’t even in dispute by Kasich, than focusing on the fact that multiple businesses have resigned a local Chamber of Commerce over their endorsement of SB 5, which was made without a majority of its members from having any say.

Fox News cannot believe that John Kasich could have said such a thing without saying it on the multiple times they’ve had him on to talk about SB 5, nor can they comprehend that it’s likely to make it on the ballot.

If Kasich was truly interested in giving local governments control over their budget, then why is he SLASHING their funding?  Nobody asks this.  Most of this bill has nothing to do with giving local government flexibility.