It turns out the free luncheon for pro-SB5 legislators we discussed yesterday is actually part of a much larger, anti-union event sponsored by anti-union lobbyists for the construction industry.

According to the flyer from the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) below, Senate President Tom Niehaus and Auditor Dave Yost will actually be speaking at the event – which will cost sponsors up to $2500 to attend. Governor John Kasich has also been invited.

And well-known, anti-union activist David Denholm is also scheduled to speak. According to American Rights At Work :

[Denholm] is known for his extremist views on unions. In addition to being featured regularly in right-wing media, Denholm owns the website, The website provides tips on getting rid of a union at your worksite, urges readers to pressure Congress to oppose the Employee Free Choice Act, and sells anti-union stickers and t-shirts.

So it isn’t just Kasich raising money for his next campaign on the backs of unions – it’s also Kasich and the rest of Ohio’s GOP electeds attending and speaking at a fundraising event for an anti-union lobbying group along side a well-known, anti-union activist.

I think we proved a long, long time ago the real goal behind the Kasich’s legislative agenda is the destruction of all unions in Ohio. I guess we can add ‘raising money for anti-union lobbyists’ to the long list of supporting facts, not that you needed any more proof.

If anyone makes it over to the event to protest or just snap a few photos of the attendees, please send along pictures!