SB5 Attack of the Clones

So, let’s just recap what we just saw in the last post about how Governor Kasich now suddenly wants to incorporate cloned provisions of SB 5 into the budget bill in order to frustrate a referendum.

Here’s the short version of what just happened:

Kasich in February: If legislature doesn’t give me want and pass SB 5 quickly, I’m going to push to incorporate the changes in SB 5 into the State budget.

GOP legislature:  Here, we’ve passed the bill just like you wanted.

Kasich yesterday:  Yeah, thanks.  On second thought, let’s incorporate SB 5 in the budget anyways.

We have a spoiled man-child for a Governor, folks.  There’s no other way to see it.  Even when he gets everything he wants and as quickly as he wants, he’ll still throw a fit if the voters dare to consider challenging his infinite wisdom.